10 Reasons Why Pop Up Camping is More Fun Than Tent Camping

  • Running water – let’s let that one sink in: your own showers, your own bathroom, your own sink – running water is one of the biggest perks of camping in an pop up and one of the primary reasons most people make the switch.
  • Eat Comfortably – pop ups have stove tops and sinks for cooking but the real benefit is that you can actually sit down and eat at a dinette table, or on your own couch. Having a table top and comfortable seating, especially after a heavy rain, is a welcome change.
  • You’re not sleeping on the ground – you’re supposed to be enjoying time in the great outdoors. But if you can’t sleep, you really can’t enjoy anything! Some people actually enjoy the feeling of sleeping on the rough earth, and we think that’s great – but when you have the option of sleeping on an actual mattress off of the cold hard ground there really isn’t a choice. 
  • Can sleep up to eight comfortably – No matter how big of a tent you get, sleeping is going to be tight – especially when you factor in everyone’s sleeping bags, pillows, or other stuff. Well you also have more room to fit people! Typically, pop ups can sleep as many as eight people, meaning you can bring friends and extended family along and not have to worry about snuggling up at night.
  • More storage – in addition to being able to sleep more people, pop ups have much more room for storage. And best of all, when you camp in an pop up you can leave certain things on the rig: towels, sunscreen, etc – all the essentials that you might otherwise forget!
  • You can store food and drinks easily – another perk of having an pop up is that most pop ups have refrigerators, meaning you can bring food along with you and store it in something other than a cooler. This means more food, colder food and much easier access when you want a quick drink or snack.
  • Protection from the elements – summers are notorious for freak thunderstorms that come and go without warning. And if you’re trying to sleep in a tent during a thunderstorm, good luck! pop ups provide a safe, dry haven for watching storms – or for watching tents float around the campground!
  • Bugs are not as much of a problem – if you’ve ever been tent camping, you know that sinking feeling that comes when you put your head on the pillow and hear that high pitched BZZZZZT. Suddenly, your already uncomfortable night is compounded by worries that there’s a mosquito somewhere in your tent. If you were in an pop up, you could close the windows and keep the bugs out all night.
  • More family friendly – how often does this happen to you: it’s night, and some people want to play games, others want to read and still others just want to listen to music or sleep. This gets complicated in a tent, but it’s no problem at all in an pop up! When you camp in an pop up, you have a table for games, a couch and TV for relaxing  and separate beds– what more could you need?
  • You get to shop at Beckley’s! – don’t get us wrong – we love tent campers too. But if you want the best advice from our pop up experts and the most comfortable camping experience we know what you need! So stop by today to talk about what option is right for you and your family’s next camping trip.
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