3 RV Towing Tips for a Safer Road Trip

Make the most of your vacation in your new or used RV and enjoy the journey as much as the destination! Check out our top RV tips below for towing your RV, especially if you’re new to RVing or the particular type of RV you’re towing.

A Match Made in Heaven

RV towing success depends first and foremost on the compatibility between your RV and your towing vehicle. Your towing vehicle has a maximum capacity and it is absolutely essential to stay below that weight limit. Exceeding the capacity is dangerous and risky. Fortunately, we can help you determine what your towing vehicle’s capacity is with our tow guide here.

RV Tips


Meet your new bestie…the tire-pressure monitoring system on many of our new and used RVs for sale! A TPMS keeps you aware of your RV’s tires and allows you to respond to any pressure loss before it becomes a problem. It’s one of the top two ways to avoid a blowout!

Eyes on the Road

The other top way to avoid a blowout? Stay focused on the road. Give plenty of space between you and the driver in front of you, don’t speed (not even a little!), and getting in loads of practice time before you hit the road. Eliminate distractions (no texting or social media while driving!).

RV Tips

Plan on going a few MPH under the speed limit, which will give you time to brake without slamming on them and avoid obstacles without swerving. Little things like this can go a long way in keeping you safe on the road, your tires in good shape, and preventing towing disasters.

These are just a few RV towing tips that can help make towing your new RV easier and more comfortable. Our team can also help answer any questions you might have, and we’d love to help you get on the road safely and confidently! Contact us today!

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