5 Minute RV Maintenance Tips That Could Save You Thousands

You already know that Beckley’s has a two floor parts center and that our service department can handle just about any problem your RV faces. But why not just avoid RV problems all together? There are a lot of quick and easy RV maintenance tips you can follow on your own to keep your camper in top shape all year round.

Quick and Easy RV Maintenance Tips

Check sealants twice each month – check the rubber sealants around your windows to make sure they’re tight and not cracking. Cracked or loose sealant can let air in, causing drafts and leaks.

Check battery water level–making sure your batteries have enough water in them is crucial to ensuring that they will hold their charge. Check your battery water level frequently and add distilled water when needed.


Check tire pressure before every trip –this one is sort of a no brainer. Make sure your tires are fully pressurized before you set off on the road – it’s an easy RV maintenance tip that will prevent blowouts and improve your gas mileage!


Run generator 2 hours per month under 50% load –letting your RV sit unused for months is not good for the generator. Run it under a light load for a few minutes each month to keep it primed and ready to be taken out on the road.


Clean holding tanks regularly –clean out your gray and black water tanks frequently to prevent bacteria and odors from leaking into the rest of your RV. Black and gray water tanks can get really gross, really fast – this is one RV maintenance tip you don’t want to forget!


Do not overextend / over retract landing gear –make sure when you’re cranking your jacks down you don’t over extend them causing a weaker stabilizing situation.


Lube slide rails and gaskets twice each year –make sure all your slideout rails and all gaskets on your RV are properly lubricated to avoid friction. Following this RV maintenance tip will help make sure your slide rails stay in good condition all season long.


Torque lug nuts before each trip – it is very important that you always make sure your lug nuts are fastened tightly before you head out. This RV maintenance tip is crucially important – if you’re not careful, your whole wheel assembly could fly off!


Sanitize fresh water system each spring – this is an RV maintenance tip that you should follow at the beginning of the RV season. Before your spring RV season starts, make a point to thoroughly sanitize your fresh water systems to keep your drinking water fresh and clean.


Properly winterize each fall –this is one of the most crucial RV maintenance tips that you can follow. Before the winter hits it’s absolutely necessary to follow all of the steps to winterize your unit to protect it from the winter cold and lack of use (if you need help, check out our previous posts about how to winterize your RV!).


Retract awning during heavy wind and rain – this RV maintenance tip is extremely important. On at least one of your camping trips you’re going to have to weather a storm. Make sure your awning is pulled back – otherwise, it’ll collapse like an umbrella and bend like crazy!


Keep appliances clean of dirt, dust, and bugs –it’s a good idea to always check your appliances to make sure they are free of any contaminants that may cause blockages or other problems. Bugs and dirt are common problems found in appliances that have not been used.


Check for obstructions before moving slides –always, always make sure you have enough room to extend your slideout. Look out for trees, other campers and any other obstruction close to your RV so you don’t hit anything and damage your rails.


Treat rubber roof annually– this RV maintenance tip goes along with checking the sealants. Treating your rubber roof annually will prevent cracking, keep out leaks and drafts, and prevent warping.


If you follow the above RV maintenance tips throughout the season, you may end up saving thousands of dollars in service costs! And remember, for all your RV maintenance and service needs, visit Beckley’s Camping Center!

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