5 RV Tips for Rainy Days

If you’re heading out for a camping trip for Labor Day weekend – or planning your upcoming trips this fall – you will want to be mindful what Mother Nature has in store. The changing of seasons often brings with it changes in the day to day weather, and rainy fall days are no exception. Here are some RV tips for rainy days and how to make the best of them!

RV Tips for Rainy Days

Rainy Day Treats

Plan ahead and make a special Rainy Day Box. It can be a small storage box that you keep your new or used RV’s exterior pass-through storage (or in an interior closet). Fill it with goodies that are only gotten out for a rainy day, like a couple of family-friendly board games or even movies.

RV Tips for Rainy Days

Hot tip: use a small bit of shelf space in your RV’s kitchen pantry for rainy day snacks, as well. Having treats, snacks, and games on hand can make rainy days feel more cheery and less dismal (and maybe even something you look forward to!).

RV Tips for Rainy Days

Cozy Up

We have so many new and used RVs for sale that are loaded with fantastic, family-friendly entertainment amenities. Turn on the fireplace on chilly, rainy nights and load up the newest movie. Lots of campgrounds offer the WiFi you need to keep your favorite streaming services at the ready. And, ask us about our RVs with multiple private HDTVs in the living room, Master bedroom, and bunkhouse. It’s a great way for everyone to be able to enjoy their favorite movie!

RV Tips for Rainy Days

Listen to a Book

Studies show fewer people than ever are reading! Go against the flow and load several titles on your tablet or device (ebooks are ideal since they don’t weigh an ounce, and packing physical books along adds unnecessary weight to your RV).

RV Tips for Rainy Days

Even better, go for audiobook versions so you can let it play overhead while the rain comes down – it allows you to listen to a great story while you multitask.

Plan Indoor Fun

Make the most of indoor recreation! Scout the local offerings before you leave for your trip, and put things like an aquarium, museum, indoor rock climbing wall or jump park, and more on your list! If the rain comes down, don’t find yourself with nothing to do – just head inside!

Smile Anyway

Rainy days can stink, especially if they have the ability to cancel your plans. By planning backup arrangements, and committing to having a good attitude, you can help your family push through the disappointment and have a memorable vacation in spite of inclement weather. And having an RV decked out with the right amenities can help with that! Contact us today for help shopping for the right RV with the right features for your family!

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