5 RV Tips for Safe Driving During the Holidays

Will you be traveling for the holidays with your new or used RV – or even planning to head to a different climate? Take a look at our RV tips for safe driving during the holidays.

RV Tips

Check Your RV Checklist Twice

It’s always frustrating to forget an essential item while traveling, and traveling in an RV is no exception! Grab the free RV Checklist app in your app store. It’ll help you make sure all the road trip essentials are packed – the perfect assistant when holiday travels can make you feel a little extra crazy or forgetful!

Road-Ready Condition

When the temperatures drop, so does your tire pressure. Check your tires and tire pressure before any road trip, especially in cold weather. Keep an eye on your tire pressure and check it regularly while traveling.

Slow & Steady

Holiday roadways are jammed packed with travelers, and if the weather experiences a dramatic shift, it can only get crazier. Do not speed – especially in an RV. Help make the roads safer for you and your family – as well as countless other travelers – by driving responsibly, patiently, and staying alert to all road and weather conditions. If the roads start getting icy, don’t risk it. Pull off at a rest stop or gas station and wait it out. Larger vehicles like RVs are at a higher risk for more dangerous accidents in bad driving conditions. A short delay may be inconvenient, but it could also save a life. Rushing to your destination is not worth it.

Stay Alert

And finally, don’t drive tired. Well rested drivers are better drivers! Break up longer road trips into shorter increments and don’t drive more than 6-8 hours a day. One free app that can help you out is the Overnight Parking Finder app. It will help you find a good place to park your RV for the night.

Tune Up Before You Go

If your tires aren’t suitable for driving on winter roadways, we can help and change them out for snow tires. If it’s been awhile since you’ve had any routine maintenance done, call us to schedule some RV service before you go. Contact us today to schedule some RV service before you hit the road. We’d love to help you get your holiday travels off to a good – and safe! – start.

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