A Cute Little RV That Really Packs a Punch!

Love tent camping but looking to make the jump to an RV? Want to go out on a few solo adventures without hauling your big rig around? You’re in luck! Teardrop camping is coming back in a big way, and Beckley’s has the perfect teardrop camper for you – the Little Guy!


Don’t be fooled by their cute, innocent name – Little Guy campers are some of the most versatile travel trailers around, and are perfect for camping solo or with someone you’re close (very close) with. Beneath their adorable little exterior (all fiberglass, we should add) lies a fully featured, if way shrunk down, RV capable of going anywhere the big guys go, and many places they can’t. The interior of the Little Guy features white cabinetry and headliner with carpeted walls for insulation and linoleum flooring. Each teardrop camper also has lights, a large roof vent and a full sized mattress. On the outside, you’ve got a front-mounted metal screen cargo area perfect for hauling an extra cooler, a portable AC or heating unit, a generator or even a bike or two.


Looking to add even more to your adventure? Little Guy travel trailers come with a wide range of options and accessories to excite even the most experienced outdoor enthusiast. The power package gives you full power features, whether you are camping at a park with electrical hook ups or out in the uncharted wilderness. AC and heat, TV-DVD-radio options, tailgating tents with a rear-mounted grill round out the special options to give you all the comforts of home in the middle of nowhere!


So come by and see it today – you’ll laugh at its funny design, but once you check it out you’ll be sold!


Why teardrop campers?

Why all the excitement about teardrop camping? Teardrop camping has been around since the early 20th century, and while RVs have definitely gotten BIGGER since those days, bigger is not always better! Because they are so small and light, teardrop campers can be towed by almost any vehicle – from pickup trucks and mini vans to small coupes, SMART cars and even motorcycles! Best of all, expertly designed and finely tuned aerodynamics mean that most teardrop campers will only reduce your car’s fuel efficiency by about a mile per gallon, if that – not so bad!


If you’re ready to check out a Little Guy travel trailer, or if you’re still unsure and need a little extra convincing, stop by Beckley’s or call us today at 800-615-6171!

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