Beat the Heat This RV Season!

With temperatures already nearing 100 this summer, RVers all over are wondering how they’re going to be able to get out and enjoy their summers without burning up in the process! Fortunately, at Beckley’s we know a few tricks for how you can beat the summer heat – and still have fun doing it!


Pick a shady spot – the most obvious way to beat the summer heat in your RV this season is to try and get a prime location to park your camper. Your RV can become an oven when it’s battered by the summer heat, so try to find a shady campsite with a lot of trees and grass rather than paved asphalt. If possible, you might even consider parking on a grass or dirt campsite – this will radiate less ground heat than a paved site.


Orient your camper to maximize shade – if you can, try to find a campsite that faces as close to due east as possible. This will allow your large street-side wall to be on the naturally shady side of your RV during the hottest times of the day while the patio awning shades the curbside wall. This way, at least one end of the RV is shaded at all times. You can further shade your patio awning by adding mesh patio shades to the sides.


Cover up your windows – your RV is a lot like a second home for the summer, so many energy saving tips that apply to your home will apply to your RV as well! One of the easiest ones is to just keep your windows covered during the day – this will keep heat out and the cool in. Close the blinds, or better yet, place reflective solar window covers or foil on the interior of the windows. Do the same thing for all windshields and skylights that are exposed to the sun. Poster board cut to size (slightly larger than the window) can be stuffed into the skylight to keep the heat out.


Keep the doors closed as often as possible – this will keep the cool air in and the warm air out.


Check out your air conditioner – before you set out on your trip, check out your air conditioner to make sure it’s ready to make the journey. Primary things to check are your air filters (you should replace them if they look dirty) and your refrigerant levels. If you need help with this, a Beckley’s Camping Center service technician can get you all squared away!


Decrease the space you need to cool – during the day, shut off all sleeping areas and other places that don’t need to be cooled. This will focus your air conditioning on the main rooms without wasting any energy. You can also use fans to circulate the cooled air more efficiently.


When all else fails, think water! – if you really want to beat the heat this RV season, why not take a trip to one of the many fabulous lakes or water parks in the area? There are about a million places you can go where water is the word of the day!


One of the most popular water parks in our area is Water Country USA. Located right next to Busch Gardens theme park and about 15 minutes from Colonial Williamsburg, it’s a great spot to hit for some history and wild entertainment!


Pack extra drinking water – this one is crucial! Make sure you pack plenty of extra water for all of your outdoor excursions. It’s very easy to get dehydrated when you’re having fun (when you start to feel thirsty, it means you’re already severely dehydrated!), especially if you’re out in the sun all day. Whether you choose to bring bottles of water from the store, a plastic water bottle of even a CamelBak backpack, just make sure you’re drinking!


Whatever your RV travel plans are this season, make sure you stop by Beckley’s Camping Center before you hit the road! We’ll make sure your air conditioner is in tip-top shape and recommend some great insulating and cooling products to make sure you stay comfortable on all your adventures.

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