Can’t Miss Guide to Planning an RV Vacation

The warmer days ahead may mean you’re itching to plan a family RV vacation—there are so many excellent RV parks in Maryland and nearby to choose from! Spring break and summer vacation really make for perfect family bonding opportunities—and what better way to enjoy family time than with an RV trip? RV vacations are far more affordable than travel by personal car, commercial airline, or cruise ship. To experience a truly relaxing, fun RV vacation, it’s important you do some planning! No worries—Beckley’s has you covered!

Planning an RV Vacation

By following our guide, you and your family are sure to have an RV vacation to remember! Keep reading!

Plan Your Budget

If you’re a newcomer to the RV lifestyle and want to get into RVing but don’t currently own a vehicle, think about renting or purchasing a used RV. This is an excellent way to get started on the fun! 

You and your family will have to eat during the RV vacation, and it’s a smart idea to shop at discount grocery stores or large supermarkets. To save money, consider eating out at restaurants with your family only as a “once in a while” treat during the RV trip. To learn about the kitchenware and kitchen supplies you should bring with you, check out our blog post on what to bring on an RV trip! As far as cooking amenities are concerned, many RVs do include a stove (some have indoor and outdoor stoves), an oven, and a microwave. Keep in mind that part of the fun of any RV vacation is picnicking after purchasing fresh foods in season. Local roadside stands sell everything from fresh, farm-raised fruits and vegetables to honey and syrup.

Next, you’ll have to factor in fees at RV parks or campgrounds. The average campground costs close to about $20 a night, and this usually includes water and electric hookups. This compares to about $85 a night for hotels and motels, according to PKF Consulting—just another reason to plan an RV vacation!

You’ll have to spend money on gasoline during your RV trip, but there are ways you can save. If you have yet to rent or purchase an RV (new or used), know that fold-down camping trailers, like the ultra-light Coachmen Clipper RV, provide excellent fuel efficiency.

Plan the Travel Route

Planning for your RV vacation means that you and your family will have to select which RV campgrounds, rest areas, and dump stations you will stop at. There are several excellent guides to RV campgrounds and RV parks—just check out your local bookseller or RV dealer (including Beckley’s!). Call ahead of time to check for availability. The United States Forest Service offers amazing, but often overlooked rustic campgrounds that provide a unique vacation experience.

Many RV enthusiasts have turned to Google Maps for assistance in their RV vacation planning because of the detailed information it offers. You can switch between map and satellite view, zoom in at will and obtain a street view of any location that Google has photographed. With Google Maps, RVers can even view tunnel height clearance signs before climbing that mountain pass.

Plan for Emergencies

After you and your family have finished budgeting and planning the travel route, remember to prepare for emergencies. Stock up on any necessary prescriptions and prepare a first aid kit. Remember to include poison ivy remedies, sunblock, and mosquito repellant. 

If you have any question about planning for an RV vacation, contact Beckley’s Camping Center. We’re proud to be Maryland’s top RV dealership for 13 consecutive years now!

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