Check Out Our Full Line of Western Snow Plows and Salt Spreaders for Sale!

Beckley’s RV is your premier retailer for Western snow plows and salt spreaders! Whether you’re needing something as a homeowner for private use, or looking for something commercial grade, we have you covered. Stop in and see our full line of Western snow plows and salt spreaders for sale today – and check out some of what we offer below.

Western Snow Plows

Whether you need to clear smaller drifts and pileups with midsize trucks and SUVs or need to handle roads, streets, and large parking lots, we have what you need and whatever it takes. Our Western snow plows for sale handle everything from light commercial work to heavy duty, professional grade jobs.

Western Snow Plows and Salt Spreaders

Our full line includes the following:

  • Defender™ compact snowplow
    • HTS™ half-ton snowplow
    • MIDWEIGHT™ snowplow
    • PRO-PLOW® SERIES 2 snowplow
    • PRO PLUS® snowplow
    • PRO PLUS® HD straight blade snowplow
    • MVP 3™ V-plow
    • MVP PLUS™ V-plow
    • Enforcer™ V-plow
    • PRODIGY™ multi-position wing plow
    • WIDE-OUT™ and WIDE-OUT™ XL adjustable wing snowplow
    • PILE DRIVER™ pusher plow
    • IMPACT™ UTV snowplow
    • PRODIGY™ and PRO PLUS® skid-steer snowplow
    • RB-400 walk-behind rotary broom

Compare our full line of Western snow plows for sale here.

Western Salt Spreaders

Help protect roads and driveways before hazardous conditions settle in. Our Western salt spreaders for sale can handle any job in any condition. Find stainless steel hopper spreaders with dual variable-speed control or tailgate spreaders with a two-stage, auger-fed delivery system.

Western Snow Plows and Salt Spreaders

Help keep your communities, homes, and businesses safe with the best salt spreader preventative care around.

The full line of Western salt spreaders we carry include the following, and you can compare them here:

  • STRIKER™ hopper spreader
    • Tornado™ hopper spreader
    • PRO-FLOW™ 525 and 900 tailgate spreader
    • PRO-FLOW™ 500, 1000 and 2500 tailgate spreader
    • LOW-PRO 300W tailgate spreader
    • STRIKER™ UTV spreader
    • Tornado™ UTV hopper spreader
    • PRO-FLOW™ 525 UTV spreader
    • PRO-FLOW™ 500 UTV spreader
    • LOW-PRO 300W UTV spreader
    • WB-160D and WB-100B walk-behind spreader
    • SS-120 walk-behind sidewalk sprayer

Don’t be caught or left unprepared during the harsh winter months. With a Western salt spreader or snow plow, you can have dependable and long lasting reliability that counts. Contact us today at Beckleys for questions about our new and used RVs for sale, our Western snow plows and salt spreaders for sale, or with any questions about operating your Western equipment.

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