Do’s and Don’ts of Camping this Summer

Summer is the season you and your family look forward to all year long. It’s a time where family bonds are strengthened and lifetime memories are made. Summer vacations, however, can be very expensive—and they don’t always offer a genuine bonding opportunity. 

On the other hand, RV getaways are affordable and provide families a chance to really enjoy the beautiful outdoors. The cost of an RV site varies by location and available facilities, but you can typically get a daily rate in the range of $10-$50. In 2011, the average daily hotel room rate in the U.S. was at $101.80, more than twice the rate charged by typical high end campgrounds with full hookups. 

Also, an RV campground is a fun, kid-friendly environment that offers children the opportunity to be active, enjoy nature, and make new friends. They can ride their bikes around the campsite or play on the playground while making new friends. 

If you decide to go RV camping this summer (and you should!), remember these do’s and don’ts of camping:

Do Leave Behind a Copy of Your Itinerary

If you do encounter any type of emergency during your RV getaway, people can only help you if they know your whereabouts. Leave behind a detailed copy of your travel plans so friends or family can follow-up with you to ensure you get home on time. 

Do Verify the Campground’s Pet Policy

Before bringing along all your pets, don’t forget to verify the chosen campground’s pet policy. While most national parks do not welcome pets, many state and private campgrounds require a small fee. To research dog-friendly campgrounds, check out If you do bring your dog along, pack a leash, tether, collapsible water bowl, and plenty of food. 

Don’t Forget Camping Essentials

Do not forget to bring along essential camping items for your RV getaway. These include a first-aid kit, compass, maps, and emergency equipment. For a full list of items, check out our blog post that highlights what to bring on an RV trip.

Do Arrive Before Nightfall

Setting up camp in the dark can be complicated and frustrating—even for seasoned campers. Getting a fast start, before nightfall, ensures you and your family can explore your immediate surroundings and build a campfire for food and warmth while it’s still light out. 

Do Follow a Fire Safety Protocol

The threat of fire is real, which makes fire safety protocol a must. The national nonprofit Tread Lightly! offers guidelines for campfire safety, including tips for safely building a fire if the site doesn’t include a contained fire ring. Resist the urge to pile on the firewood to maintain a small and controllable fire. 

Don’t Limit Your Meal Variety

Hot dogs and beans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Your family can do better! With some planning and the right equipment, you can get creative with campfire cooking. How about whipping up eggs and pancakes in a cast iron skillet—or preparing freshly caught fish with steamed potatoes and vegetables? Don’t forget that most RVs come fully loaded with a stove top, oven and even microwave so the dinner options shouldn’t feel limited!

Do Schedule RV Maintenance Service

Before your trip, you may need to schedule RV maintenance service to ensure your camper is ready for the trip ahead. Call Beckley’s at 800-615-6171 to schedule service. We’re proud to be Maryland’s top RV dealership for 13 consecutive years now. 

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