Fun September Events for Maryland RVers

So you’ve just driven off of the Beckley’s Camping Center lot and you’re ready to break your new set of wheels in with a trip to somewhere in Maryland, preferably somewhere fun. Well here are a few ideas. You can head straight to some fun events:

Maryland Renaissance Festival

If you have an interest in medieval adventure and history, the Maryland Ren Faire may be one of the funnest events in the state. The fair features fire breathing, magicians, and other assorted entertainers, as well as jousting and meat that you can eat right off the bone like some sort of rugged olde timey adventurer. It’s just a lot of fun is what it is. Hosted in Anne Arundel County, $17 a person for entry.

Frederick County Fair

There are a lot of county fairs to be found in Maryland this time of year. The Frederick County Fair is a fun one. It’s very rural, with tractor pulls, rides, agricultural events, and some live entertainment. It’ll make you feel like you stepped right into a Lil’ Abner comic strip.

Alexandria King Street Art Festival

King Street in Old Alexandria hosts this incredible festival of the arts where you’ll get to see some tremendous work from local sculptors, painters and crafters. You’ll be able to attend the fair between the 7th and 8th, and you can find plenty of affordable pieces ranging in the twenty dollar area, as well as some pricey $10,000 and up pieces for the wealthy collector.

If you own an RV, there’s always something to do “in your area,” because you don’t just live in Maryland, you live on the road. Once you’re done exploring Maryland this September, why not see what there is to do in New Hampshire come October?

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