How to Set Up a Campsite: Pop Up Trailer Edition

Ready to set off on your first adventure in a pop up trailer? That’s great! Pop up campers are perfect for individuals or families who are just starting to get into the camping game and aren’t quite ready to commit to a larger RV yet. Fortunately, setting up a campsite for a pop up camper isn’t really that difficult – you’ll be adventuring in no time!

How to set up your pop up trailer:

1.       Before pulling your pop up into the campsite, check out the campsite and make sure everything is where it needs to be. This includes making sure there is water hookup at the campsite and making sure the electric outlet is on the right side or location for your hookup. Once you have surveyed the hookups and layout of your campsite pull or back your popup into it.

2.       When your pop up is in place, place wheel chocks or blocks of wood on each side of the tires to hold them in place and disconnect your towing hitch. The blocks (called chocks) will help make sure that your trailer doesn’t go anywhere while it’s parked. Lower your tongue jack (attached hand crank located on the tongue of the camper) onto a block of wood to level your Pop up front to back. Then get out your leveling crank handle and lower the four leveling jacks until the bubble level on your camper shows you’re level (if your pop up doesn’t have bubble levels attached to the outside of it, it is an extremely helpful addition. It is usually a good idea to put a flat piece of wood under the jacks to compensate for any uneven or soft surfaces your jacks are put on.

3.       Once you are all level, unlatch the roof latches (make sure you get all the latches!) and use your pop up crank to raise the roof all the way up. Pull out the beds and lock the support braces underneath them. Pull out the tenting and lift up the bed bars that support the bed tents on the end of the trailer. Place tenting over the bed corners and make sure it is secure.

4.       Set up the rafter poles that hold up the awning and adjust the legs so they are secure. Stake the awning ropes into the ground. Next, lower and latch the door.

5.       Finally, set up the dinette table and all of the cushions.

How to set up your pop up’s utilities:

1.      Setting up pop up electric: plug the electricity cord from your camper into the shore power (this is what you call electricity at a campsite).


2.     Setting up pop up gas: close all gas connections and turn your propane tank on. If you don’t have a stove in your kitchen you’ll need to set up your propane grill by hanging it outside the trailer after you’re done setting it up.


3.     Setting up pop up water: fill the water tank or hook it up to a water source (if you hook directly to the water outlet always screw a water pressure regulator onto the water outlet before screwing your hose on).


4.       Inside your trailer, you’ll need to fill your toilet with water and set up your shower (if you have these things). Next you should set up your bedding and put away your groceries.

How to finish your campsite:

Once your pop up trailer is set up, it’s time to set up the rest of the campground! Build a small fire ring for your campfire, hang awning lights to illuminate your camper at night and put out a clothesline and a trash can.

Once all this is done, you’re ready to see the sights and enjoy the company and community of a campground. And remember, if you want to learn more about the fun and excitement of owning a pop up camper, call Beckley’s Camping Center today!

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