Keep Your RV in Great Condition with Our RV Service Schedule Guide

Just like any other vehicle, your new or used RV needs routine service and maintenance checks in order to stay in great condition and prevent avoidable costs associated with preventable damage. Get your RV winterization and routine RV maintenance off to a good start with this handy RV service schedule! It’s a quick and easy guide to how frequently you should take care of routine RV maintenance.

RV Service Schedule

Before Every Trip

The things you’ll want to check every time you get on the road include:

  • Checking air pressure in tires
  • Checking tires for cracks, wear & tear, or other damage
  • Check under the hood to ensure all hoses are connected, no leaks anywhere, etc.
  • Remove any collected debris from the roof like leaves, small branches, and so forth

Every 1-2 Months

Next, put a note on your phone’s calendar to do a quick routine maintenance every 1-2 months during your traveling season. You’ll want to check the following:

  • Check the roof for cracks, as well as slides and seals. Repair as needed
  • Lubricate all slides to keep them working efficiently
  • Clean AC vents, intake, and filters, replacing the latter if needed

Every 6 Months

Don’t forget about these RV maintenance tasks. They’re not as frequently needed, but essential to traveling safely! Twice a year:

  • Lubricate jacks, hinges, and hitches
  • Change oil every 3,000 miles
  • Check and change other fluids and replace filters as needed

Once a Year

Finally, these once-a-year RV services will help your new or used RV stay in prime condition:

  • Propane inspection
  • Brakes serviced
  • Water system flushed and cleaned
  • Exterior resealed if cracks are present
  • Full RV winterization if you won’t be traveling during the cold months

RV service and routine maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does need to be prioritized. Our RV service department can get you on the books and schedule all the RV maintenance tasks you need – how much easier could it be? Contact us today!

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