Keep your RV running smoothly with Beckley’s 45 Point Inspection!

It’s officially the middle of summer – has anyone been on an RV trip yet? If you’ve been waiting for your week’s vacation to head out on your RV excursion, then there’s still time to stop by Beckley’s for a 45 point RV inspection before you head out! At Beckley’s, we want to make sure your RV can survive anything you put it through. That’s why we offer one of the most comprehensive RV inspections you’ll find!

Why is it important to have your RV inspected every camping season?

You already know how important it is to have your car’s oil changed and engine checked. Those things are just as, if not, arguably, more, important in your RV! Having routine RV maintenance is crucial for catching any little issues that pop up with your RV before they become big problems, even problems that haven’t started to affect the performance of your RV.


You can think about it like this – when you get thirsty on a hike, it means your body is already seriously dehydrated. Similarly, if your RV starts to shake or make a little noise, you might not think too much of it, but it could be a sign that there’s a serious problem developing. Don’t take any chances – if your RV breaks down during the camping season, it could leave you stranded in literally the middle of nowhere!

Why is Beckley’s a reliable place for your RV inspections?

At Beckley’s, we’ve been selling and servicing RV’s for over 30 years. That means that our team of factory certified technicians has studied and experienced just about everything that can go wrong with an RV – and knows exactly what to do to prevent it from happening next time.


Best of all, when you come in to Beckley’s you’ll get that local touch that you won’t find at other places. Like we said, we’ve been helping families enjoy camping for over 30 years. We know how important a safe vacation is to your family and we want to make sure your experience is as pleasant as possible. Most of our employees are avid campers just like you, so we understand that your number one goal is to get back to those camp fires and long road trips. So stop by today – we can take care of your rig and give you some great tips, whether you’re an excited first timer or a seasoned RV veteran!

So what does the Beckley’s RV inspection include?

Beckley’s 45 point RV inspection includes a comprehensive check up of literally every part of your RV, including:


  • Auxiliary Generator System
  • Plumbing Systems
  • LP Gas System
  • Appliances
  • Exterior
  • And More!


Our 45 point RV inspection doesn’t take any chances when it comes to your safety! Hopefully your RV inspection won’t turn up any problem areas, but if it does, our service department can handle any problem, big or small with your RV, so you’ll be ready for your summer adventures!


If you want an RV inspection before you head out on a trip this summer, stop by Beckley’s today or call 800-615-6171!


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