Kids and Pets on the Road

When planning a family vacation, Beckley’s Camping Center is your “go to” Maryland RV dealer for all things related to getting the most out of your travel adventure. Whether you need a new or used camper or service check, Beckley’s gets you road ready in no time.

Whether you’re traveling in motor homes or travel trailers, both provide many opportunities for adventures for weekend getaways and extended road trips to exciting places. When the vacation is a family outing including kids and pets, it gets even more exciting but there are also safety precautions you’ll want to include in your travel plans.

Kid Safety

  • Campfires are great fun for toasting marshmallows or making smores. Supervise kids whenever roasting hog dogs or making goodies over an open fire.
  • Teach age appropriate kids about camping and fire safety..
  • Scout activity locations before allowing kids to participate to ensure there are is nothing posing as a potential hazard such as steep drop offs, slippery embankments, fast running streams or wildlife near watering holes.
  • Never allow kids to venture off alone even when the area seems safe.
  • Never leave kids alone in a vehicle even if it’s “just for a minute” at a rest stop or to buy gas and snacks at a convenience store.

Pet Safety

  • Never leave your pet unattended at an outdoor campground. You don’t know what type of wild animal may be lurking about. You also don’t want your pet exposed to strangers or other pets that may be passing by.
  • Do not leave your pet enclosed inside a vehicle. Never. Temperatures rise to beyond livable conditions.
  • Walk your pet on a leash and a harness. Leashes can snap. A harness adds a second layer of security.
  • Keep pets away from campfires.
  • Protect your pets by not letting them run loose.
  • Provide your pet with plenty of fresh air and water and keep their food and feeding routine as close to normal as possible.
  • If possible, bring their crate or carrier.
  • Keep your pets identification on them, at all times, in case they become separated from the family.

When you’re ready to start planning, whether you need a new or used camper travel trailer, an RV for sale in MD or a 45-point inspection to ensure there are no hazard or fire issues, schedule a visit to Beckley’s; the “#1 RV Dealer in Maryland.”

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