November 6th is Marooned Without a Compass Day

There are the major holidays we all know about. There’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day… you know, the ones with time off or cards. Then there are the next level of special days we are aware of, but most won’t know the date or even celebrate. These include Groundhog Day or Columbus Day. It really gets interesting when you get to the bottom level of special days, the ones very few of us have heard about.

For example, did you know that November 6 of every year is “Marooned Without a Compass Day”? Yep, look it up. “Marooned Without a Compass Day” is meant to recognize our inner sense of direction…or lack of it. Many who own recreational vehicles seem to have a pretty good sense of direction. Of course there are others who will let their GPS do the co-piloting. It does remind us though that there was a time before smartphones when compasses were used to confirm the direction that adventurers were headed.

For the uninitiated, a compass is a magnetic device with a needle that always points to the magnetic north pole. Since it always points to the north, you’ll tell what direction you are facing by observing the needle. You can buy suction cup compasses that adhere to the inside of your windshield, but today that space is reserved mainly for GPS devices. You’ll still see some of these floating ball compasses once in a while for travelers who love old school guidance.

The reason we bring up “Marooned Without a Compass Day” is because it encompasses (pun intended) the spirit of the RVer. It is the spirit that motivates us to get out and explore and enjoy the great outdoors. For many, that spirit will go into hibernation for a few months, but will be back before we know it.

Enjoy your “Marooned Without a Compass Day” and remember Beckley’s Camping Center always has over 300 RVs in stock. As Maryland’s #1 RV dealer we are here to serve you all year ‘round. Come see us soon at Beckley’s RVs in Thurmont, Maryland. Have a question? Just give us a call at 1-800-615-6171. We’ll get you pointed in the right direction! (Okay, we’ll stop.)

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