Pack All The Must-Haves In Your First Aid Kit



Looking for an RV for sale in MD, you may have dreams of going on a trip across the country. You do all the research necessary about owning an RV before purchasing one from your Maryland RV dealer. You’ve stocked the RV with food, clothes and the kids as you are now ready to hit the road.

But wait just one second. Did you pack a first aid kit?

Most people never think about packing for an emergency until after an accident happens. Be prepared beforehand with all the things you need.

The Essentials

Remember when your parents would take out a first aid kit from the bathroom to bandage your scrapes. Your first aid kit should have all the same things. Keep bandages, gauze, scissors, tweezers, splints, elastic bandages and disinfectant wipes inside your kit. After you packed these items, you can expand to include other things you want to take along.

Pain Relief Items

Don’t just focus on scrapes and sprains that may happen outside the body. Also include items to treat the inside of the body. Aspirin can cure most aches and pains, but be careful if there is someone who has asthma going along on the trip. Aspirin contains NSAIDS that can make asthma symptoms worse, so include acetaminophen in your kit too. Other pain relief items to include: instant cold packs, bug bite relief spray, eye wash, allergy medication, anti-diarrheal medication, constipation medication, calamine lotion, and sunburn relief wipes.

CPR Necessities

Although you hope a terrible situation doesn’t happen on your trip, someone in your camping group or other campers in their travel trailers may have the need for CPR. Include a pocket CPR guide in your first aid kit as a reminder on the proper ways to give this treatment. Also have a CPR barrier device, and rubber gloves for your own protection when helping strangers.

Customize Your First Aid Kit Based On Your Destination

Feel free to customize your kit based on where you are headed. If you are going hiking in the mountains, you may want to include extra splints and gauze if someone falls. If you are going on a boat trip, you will want to have motion sickness medication on hand. By preparing your first aid kit the moment you leave your Beckleys’s RV with your new travel trailer or motor home, you won’t be caught off-guard if an accident happens.

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