RV Family Activities To Keep Kids Boredom-Free On The Road

Family road trips mean lots of planning, packing, scheduling, and coordinating but most of all, a huge amount of excitement. If it’s a long journey though, the initial excitement can wear off, and weariness can set in. To make the entire road trip a fun experience, you have to plan ahead for the unstimulating slots of time. It’s even more necessary if you are to travel a long distance with kids.

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If you’ve decided to go camping with the family this year in your RV, you might want to look at this list of the most beautiful springtime camping destinations. One of the good parts about a road trip with an RV is that you get to do a lot more than you can in any cramped smaller vehicle. It becomes even better if you organize your RV well.  

While most people plan well for the destination, planning the journey itself might slip the mind, but it is as important. It can be a memorable road trip (in all the good ways) if you do it right. Here’s a list of five RV family activities to keep kids entertained and boredom-free on the road:  

Maintaining a Travel Journal 

We recommend a handwritten journal as it can be more fun and engrossing for the kids. Carry a Polaroid camera for capturing and keeping a record of some of the spontaneous but most beautiful moments.

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The entire family can contribute to the journal and share their perspective about the journey. The kids can also record whatever new information they gain about places, culture, life skills, or wildlife along the way. The resultant travel journal will not only be informative but also a treasure trove of memories that the family can look through and reminisce about at any point in the future. Creating a happiness jar is also a fun activity that can complement the creation of a travel journal.  

If you don’t want the clutter of journaling supplies in your RV, then some mobile or tablet apps might serve the purpose too; in this case, it will be easier to capture pictures (click and save on the same device).  

Playing Games 

Playing games is not just for kids. The entire family can bond over games. Those who love action games can play multiplayer video games together (you might require two to three network options). The members who prefer games that have a mentally stimulating and calming effect can try online solitaire.

At times, everyone can get off their devices and play some conventional games together like broken telephone or I Spy. Several magnetic board games might also help kick boredom to the curb.  

Story Time 

Everyone loves a captivating story. Age only matters for the content of the story. Select stories that all family members can enjoy, regardless of age. The older members of the family can even share anecdotes and other life-changing incidents. Fictional stories that can serve the educational purpose are also a good option.  

During story hour, the family can also listen to compelling audiobooks together. Discussions over the story can follow this activity. Each member can put forward their perspective about the story and characters.  

The family members can also create a story together; one member provides the opening and each consecutive member adds a sentence or sequence. The resultant story could be a sentimental masterpiece, a scary tale, or at least something that will guarantee a few giggles.  

Spontaneous Picnics 

While on a road trip, you will most likely come across many scenic spots. GPS and online reviews prove really useful in selecting locations. If you are close to a spot loved by many, grab the opportunity. Get your picnic blanket and basket out and have an impromptu picnic. Kids and adults alike will love the opportunity to stretch their legs out in the open and refresh themselves before the next leg of the journey.  

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Try and schedule pit stops at locations that offer some kind of entertainment for kids. While you have stopped to refuel, you can also pick up some popcorn for the next activity on this list.  

Movie Marathons 

What’s not to love about an activity that can bring the family together, entertain everyone with minimal effort, and keep the kids entertained for an extended period? Movie marathons can do all this and more. Within an RV, it can be pretty easy to create a theater-like ambiance. 

You could argue that while on a road trip, it is best to live in the moment, and that movies can be watched at home too. We wholeheartedly agree. But, as we mentioned at the start of this post, these are activities for those parts of the journey that seem to drag on forever. These activities can help you ‘skip’ to the good part.  

Think of these activities as a starter pack. Use your creativity to come up with others on these lines. Make this a road trip to remember! 

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