RV Rental Tips Brought to You by Beckley’s

Excellent RV Rental Tips

Now, renting an RV can be very confusing and seem like a real challenge, especially if you’re a newcomer to the RV lifestyle. Have no worries—we’ve done the hard work for you by preparing a full list of RV rental tips.

Things You Need to Think About Before You Arrive

Before you rent your RV, you’ll want to brainstorm a few great destination spots. Part of the adventure of an RV getaway is being able to go wherever the open road takes you. However, you don’t want to find yourself stuck because of insufficient planning. Have a destination in mind and do some research to determine if there are any RV size or height restrictions that could spoil your plans. To get started with the planning, check out our list of the top 10 RV parks on the east coast

Preparing to Take Your RV on the Road

Whether you choose to go with the Winnebago Vista, Minnie Winnie, KZ Spree Escape, or Coachmen Clipper—if you have not driven or towed an RV before, you will want to ask your dealer for a training session. At Beckley’s we will make sure you feel comfortable with your unit before you drive off the lot. 

With larger vehicles, taking corners and parking can be a little challenging for the first timer. Always make sure if you are renting a towable RV that your tow vehicle is rated to handle the RV you rent. You’ll also want to ensure that you learn the ins and outs of the RV prior to getting to the campsite. This includes learning how to hook up at campsites—electricity, water, sewerage—even simple things like using the awning and TV antenna. There is no shame in asking questions. The RV experts at Beckley’s will be happy to answer any questions you may have during the RV rental process.

Also, keep in mind that not all RVs are equipped with the same amenities. We’ll be happy to walk you through all the amenities available in our line rental RV units.

Enjoying Your Trip

To really make the most of your trip and have a memorable experience, you’ll want to enjoy everything that has been planned—so don’t try to cover too many miles in a day. This is a classic “rookie” mistake (aren’t you glad to have Beckley’s set you straight?). Your philosophy should be “cover less ground, have more time for fun!” 

You’ll also want to give yourself enough time to explore and enjoy the great outdoors and attractions along the way. A great general rule is to enjoy one major activity a day. Many people choose to travel to national or state parks. By the time you arrive in your RV, frequent the visitor’s center, orientate yourself and have a look around, have lunch, do a hike, or take some pictures with friends and family—you’ll be surprised how quickly time flies.

You don’t necessarily have to follow your plans to a tee—give yourself the freedom to allow for spur of the moment changes or additions to your outdoor adventure. The beautiful open road has a mysterious appeal, and you may find yourself going off plan and just parking up in a spot to appreciate the outdoors and breathtaking views of nature. There is nothing wrong with this!

Beckley’s will be Offering Rental RVs! 

If you haven’t already heard, Beckley’s has some great news for beginners to the RV lifestyle and seasoned veterans alike—we’ll be offering rental RVs for the first time on May 20! People have been asking us for quite some time when we’ll have RVs available for rent. You won’t have to wait much longer, RV lovers. We’re only days away.

You’re probably wondering which RVs will be available for rent at Beckley’s. They include the:

Winnebago Vista Class A Motorhome

Minnie Winnie Class C Motorhome

KZ Spree Escape Toy Hauler

Coachmen Clipper Pop-Up Camper

For more information on our rental RV units, call us at 800-615-6171, or contact us online to enjoy the getaway of a lifetime!

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