RV Tip: Get The Best Sleep Ever While RVing

Let’s face it: regardless of how or where you travel, your sleep is bound to be interrupted. It’s natural to have a hard time falling asleep when you aren’t in your natural environment. But the good news is that in spite of campground noises and changes in time zones, you can still get a great night’s rest.

The key to getting a great night’s rest is creating an environment that’s conducive to sleep. That means designing your room to work for you.

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Drown Out Sounds

blackout curtains

Find a way to drown out the sounds of wherever you are and mimic the sounds you’re used to hearing at home. This might mean using a white noise machine, natural sounds, or just plain static from the TV. However you choose to drown out the sounds, make sure it’s a way that is what you’re used to.

Get a Weighted Blanket

alarm clock

Weighted blankets are proven to reduce anxiety and make you feel calmer. Getting a great night’s rest has never been easier. The trick to choosing a weighted blanket is to find one that fits your weight and your needs. Stick to a single or double, as most couples sharing a bed don’t actually share weighted blankets. These are typically intended for individual use.

Keep The Temperature Cool

One of the best things about camping is having an air conditioner wherever you go. Make sure you set the temperature anywhere between 60 and 67 degrees, as that’s the ideal sleeping temperature. Rooms that are too hot or tool cold make falling and staying asleep harder. And added humidity during the summer months can also negatively impact your sleep. So do yourself a favor and run the AC or heat when you need to.


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