RV Tips: 3 Ways to Save Money On Your Vacation

If you’re like many families, you’re probably looking at the world around you and wondering how you can plan to vacation affordably this year. Gas prices are soaring and inflation is causing the price on everything to go up. Don’t worry! We’re offering a few RV tips for saving money today, so you can still plan your camping trips this year in your new or used RV and stay within your budget.

The Staycation

This one has picked up traction in recent years. The idea of a staycation is that you stay home – or close by – and enjoy your local offerings. Treat yourself to local amenities that you don’t usually spend money on or try the outdoor dining at that new little bistro you’ve been dying to try.

RV Tips

One perk of this is cutting down on your travel expenses, but as long as you’re going to be spending money, you’re putting it right back into your local economy. Self-employed friends and neighbors will thank you!

Or, if you do travel, consider visiting state parks that are within a day’s drive. They’ll often offer discounts if you’re a state-resident. Many national parks participate in the Every Kid Outdoors program, so if you want to see some great sights and have a fourth grader in the house, you might be able to get in free!

Speaking of Free…

Don’t pass up free amenities! From museums to parks to beaches, you’ll probably find lots of free places to explore and enjoy wherever you go.

RV Tips

Pro tip: google the chamber of commerce for the town you’ll be visiting and check out their local events page. You’d be surprised at the number of free events you can find!

Borrow Gear You Don’t Have

When you make your packing list of the camping gear you need to take with you, pause before you click “add to cart.” Chances are, you have friends who own some extra camp chairs, hammocks, coolers, backpacks, and more. Save money by asking to borrow the gear you don’t have, and offer a trade of some kind (babysitting their kids for a couple hours, bringing a fresh apple pie, etc.) if that would sweeten the deal.

RV Tips

Want to save even more on your vacations? We can help. Traveling in a new or used RV beats the costs of conventional traveling costs like airfare or staying at expensive hotels. We can help you pick out the ideal RV and get you set up with extremely affordable RV financing. Stop in or contact us today!

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