Simple Breakfast Recipes for Your Next RV Trip

Are you enjoying an RV road trip, but want to get an earlier start? Hate the hassle and mess of putting together a fresh breakfast, but, at the same time, you’re also tired of cereal and granola bars?

Whether you use a camper travel trailer or a class A or C motorhome, there’s nothing like starting the day on the road with a good breakfast. Here are three easy to fix ideas from your Maryland RV dealer to help start your day. These are nearly effortless, don’t create many dishes, and are good for breaking up the monotony of cold, packaged meals.

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One Pan Scrambled Eggs and Ham

You will want to experiment a bit with this recipe depending on how much you like onions and green pepper, and how many people you will be serving. This can also be made without the ham if you prefer.

Dice up some onion, green pepper, and ham and sauté them in a frying pan with olive oil. Cook until the onion and green pepper get a bit “clear.” Break some eggs in a bowl and mix thoroughly. You can add a little milk to your eggs if you prefer. Add the mixed eggs to the pan with the green peppers, onions, and ham and stir until your mixture gets to a consistency you prefer. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve with toast and you have a hearty, easy to cleanup breakfast.

Sausage, Egg, and Cheese “Croissandwiches”

Build your own breakfast sandwich by slicing some croissants or English muffins in half (horizontally). Fry up a sausage patty and an egg for each sandwich desired. When cooked, place the sausage patty on top of the fried egg and place a slice of American cheese on top, and let the cheese start to melt. Lift the three layers with a spatula and place on the bottom half of the croissant or muffin. Put the top half of your croissant and you’ve just created your own breakfast sandwich!

Fresh Fruit and Oatmeal

Want an easy to fix, refreshing breakfast for the road? Pack up some old fashioned oatmeal, or, if you prefer to make it even easier, use instant oatmeal packets. The key is to pick up some fresh fruit wherever you are staying. Depending on the time of year and part of the country, blueberries, strawberries, and peaches work well. Simply cut up the fruit of your choice and add to the oatmeal—breakfast just couldn’t be much easier! You can add a little milk to your oatmeal/fruit mixture if you like a smoother consistency.

Getting an early start to the day with a nice breakfast that is easy to fix and enjoyable can make RVing that much more enjoyable. Beckley’s Camping Center is pleased to share these simple ideas. Have some of your own? Please share them!

Photo source: Wikimedia

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