Simple RV Maintenance Tips

You already know that Beckley’s has a two floor parts center and that our service department can handle just about any problem your RV faces. But why not just avoid RV problems all together? There are a lot of quick and easy RV maintenance tips you can follow on your own to keep your camper in top shape all year round.


Simple RV Maintenance Tips 

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Lube slide rails and gaskets twice each year | Prior to hitting the road for RV season, make sure you properly lube your RV rails and gaskets. This prevents friction and ensures that your slide rails stay in great condition for years to come.

Torque lug nuts before each trip | Your lug nuts are an important part of making sure your wheels are attached properly to your RV. Prior to each trip make sure they’re tightly fitted so that you don’t run into losing a wheel and a potential accident down the line.

Properly winterize each fall | Proper winterization is the key to keeping your RV healthy. Make sure your RV has been properly winterized so that you prevent pipes from freezing and protect your unit from the harsh damage made possible by dropping temperatures.

Retract awning during heavy wind and rain |  When inclement weather is on the way, make sure you pull your awning back so that the rails aren’t bent by heavy winds and the awning isn’t damaged by hail or strong winds.

Keep appliances clean of dirt, dust, and bugs | Dust, dirt and bugs will all contribute to the poor health of an RV. Keep yours bug and dirt free by regularly cleaning out things like your fridge and cabinets, maintaining organization, and ensuring you have a plan to prevent pests when you winterize.

Check for obstructions before moving slides | It can be tempting to just expand your slides when you park, but you’ll want to make sure you don’t just expand and hit something without realizing it is in the way.

If you follow the above RV maintenance tips throughout the season, you may end up saving thousands of dollars in service costs! And remember, for all your RV maintenance and service needs, visit Beckley’s Camping Center! Contact us for help or learn more about our RV service here.

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