Storing Your RV During the Winter

So now that you’ve winterized your RV (remember to check out our RV winterization tips if you haven’t!), it’s time for the easy part: storing it! Bad winters can wreak havoc on your RV if you don’t take proper precautions even after you finish winterizing. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of all the best tips we know for how you can ensure your RV will come out next spring ready to run like new!

How to Keep Mice Out – Bounce Sheets!

You know what’s gross? Cleaning out mousetraps. You know what’s not gross? Keeping the mice away in the first place! This might seem like a crazy old wives’ technique, but put a Bounce dryer sheet (it has to be Bounce) in every drawer, every cabinet and several under every couch and bed. Mice don’t like the smell of Bounce dryer sheets, so they’ll avoid it, staying out of your RV all winter (and they do double duty, making your rig smell like fabric softener).

Keep Your Batteries Charged to Prevent Freezing

Make sure you keep your RV plugged into shore power during the winter so the battery gets some action when it gets cold out. The batteries use a water/acid solution to provide a charge. When unused, the solution starts to decay and the water and acid start to separate. Once they separate, the water freezes and the battery is cooked (in a manner of speaking). Note that you don’t need to keep the charge running all day – install a timer and set it to run for about an hour or two a day – that should keep you safe.

To Cover or Not To Cover?

There are a lot of differing opinions about whether or not you should cover your RV in the winter. At Beckley’s, we typically recommend that you NOT do this. Your RV’s exterior is designed to withstand the elements – many times, the RV cover gets buffeted by the wind, scratching and damaging the paint job. It’s best to find a roof or barn to shield your RV from severe winter weather.

Park Your RV on Solid Ground

This one’s important: park your RV on concrete or blacktop, and if you park it on the grass, make sure you put it up high on blocks. Why? the ground often freezes during the winter, then thaws out during the spring, turning into a muddy mess. And if your RV is on the ground when it’s frozen, it’s going to end up stuck in the mud when it thaws out again!

Winterizing your RV is an important first step to keeping your RV safe during the winter, but it’s not the only thing you need to do – proper storage techniques are just as important. If you have any more questions about storing your RV during the winter, call or stop by Beckley’s Camping Center!

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