Tackling 5 Common Camping Cooking Mistakes 

Camping can be fun, thrilling, and a little challenging. When you go camping with your RV, it’s a little more convenient. You can carry and have timely access to more cooking equipment and ingredients. This advantage of RVs ensures that you don’t have to completely rely on the campfire for cooking.  

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The more seasoned RV enthusiasts know how to navigate cooking while camping. If you are new to camping or the RV experience, a few tips could make the cooking process easier and more enjoyable for you. More than what you should do, it’s important to learn what to avoid. Some camping cooking mistakes can not only destroy the food but also the mood. And you wouldn’t want that. Camping cooking can be a delightful, memorable experience, provided you keep in mind and avoid the following mistakes:  

Not Planning in Advance: 

There’s nothing worse than laying out ingredients and realizing you are missing an important one while people get more hangry by the minute. If you plan and secure ingredients beforehand, you may even be able to prep the ingredients ahead of time. This way, when you actually get to the cooking part, it will be more convenient, easy, and quick.  

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When you don’t plan ahead, it limits the food options. Lack of planning may also result in a waste of time as you may have to make additional trips to the market or think up something else that can be made with the available ingredients. Ideally, you should prepare a list of the dishes you want to make, check your RV pantry, make a shopping list, and purchase the ingredients in advance. Planning ahead will also allow you to check the required cooking equipment beforehand.  

Not Keeping an Eye on the Food 

We take back our earlier statement. There IS something worse than missing ingredients when it is time for cooking while camping. What is it? It is destroying the ingredients by failing to keep an eye on them as they cook.  

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It is easy to get carried away in the profound conversations, compelling stories, and debates that are a must at camp. But then, if you are distracted for an extended period, the food may get charred, which will result in panic and disappointment. The food may get overcooked, even if it doesn’t get completely burnt. This may result in a loss of taste, texture, and nutrients. For instance, even if you start with tender lobster meat and cook it for too long, it will become tough, rubbery, and chewy. To avoid such occurrences, even if the conversations are amazing, do keep a watch on your food.  


This mistake is also characteristic of those who are new to camping cooking. Impatience may result in food being taken off the heat source earlier than it should be. The food may remain undercooked.  

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Some types of food, like poultry and fish, may be unsafe to consume when they are undercooked. Consuming undercooked food leads to infections, hospitalization, and, in the worst cases, it even proves fatal. The minor effects of impatience and undercooking may be people refusing to eat and the wastage of ingredients. To avoid all kinds of negative results, be patient and give the food the time it needs to cook. 

Using Complicated Recipes 

Complex recipes often require more ingredients, extensive preparation, and a longer time to get the dish ready. All of these are problematic, even with an RV. RVs allow you to carry stuff that you require, but no RV has unlimited space.  

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You cannot and should not overpack and carry extra ingredients. Use simple recipes that require fewer ingredients and can be prepared quickly. Here’s an easy, delicious, and crowd-pleasing camping recipe that you can use.  

Ignoring Local Regulations and Fire Safety 

This mistake may not only be harmful to you but also to the environment and wildlife. It may be a result of ignorance. Before you start cooking in a new place, you should take a quick look at the local regulations. Follow proper protocols for fire safety. Ignoring local rules can result in fines too.  

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Wrapping Up 

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Cooking while camping need not be daunting. Just avoid the common camping cooking mistakes. Learn some camping cooking hacks, and with some creativity and ingenuity, you can make the most of your camping experience.  

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