T@B Teardrop Trailers

Inspired by the classic teardrop trailer, the T@B takes teardrops to the next level. The T@B has done this by adding bright colors, standing room, sleek lines and many amenities. All of this was done while staying significantly below the 2000 lb. threshold—something that no other similarly designed trailer has been able to do. This makes the T@B easily towable with many 4-cylinder motors.

The T@B Teardrop Travel Trailer is unlike any other light weight camper on the market today. Since its introduction to the American public in 2003, the T@B has garnered more than its fair share of passionate, enthusiastic fans. When U.S. production halted in 2009, it was met with an outcry to bring the T@B back. In 2011, that call was answered.


Unlike the tear drop trailers that originated back in the 1950s that only had a bed and an outdoor kitchenette, T@B trailers have many conveniences liken to larger luxury trailers. First of all, they’re taller at a 5’9” center height. Secondly, they have an indoor kitchenette—including a sink and stove. Most importantly, the bed is large and comfortable at 70” by 73”. Unfortunately, the T@B is a little too tall to fit through the door height of most garages.

Standard Features

A few things that make the T@B very convenient are the 5-gallon water supply tank, the grey water tank, and the porta-potty. Unlike camping, all dishwashing, face washing, and tooth brushing can be done using the sink. No more heading to the public restrooms and trying to figure out how to manage the flashlight while washing. The porta-potty keeps you from having to dress and head to the restroom in the middle of cold nights.

A full list of standard features:

  • Silver with light grey trim 
  • Aluminum rims 
  • Independent suspension frame 
  • Tongue jack with dolly wheel 
  • 7-way plug/5,000# safety chains 
  • Four corner stabilizer jacks 
  • Four grab handles 
  • Sink & stove 
  • Duo pane windows with pull-down screens & shades 
  • Two-way roof vent 
  • 12V water pump 
  • 5 gal fresh water tank 
  • Spare tire 
  • Vinyl flooring Counter top 
  • 12V light fixtures 
  • “Easy-up” indoor/outdoor table 
  • 20 pound LP bottle with cover 12V battery 
  • 110V A/C to 12V D/C power converter 
  • Surge Brakes 
  • LP furnace 
  • Air conditioner with heat pump 
  • Porta-Potty 
  • TV/AM/FM/CD/DVD player 
  • Screen door 
  • Front window 
  • Trailer lock 
  • Comfortable interior

Visit Beckley’s to View T@B Teardrop Trailers

Come visit us at Beckley’s Camping Center and take a look inside one of our T@B Travel Trailers. With an interior that features beautiful birch cabinetry and multiple décor themes, these compact units have everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Beckley’s is proud to Maryland’s top RV dealership for 13 consecutive years now. It really is true that not all RV dealerships in Maryland are created equal. Here at Beckley’s Camping Center, our policy includes:

  • No processing fees 
  • No pre-delivery inspection fees 
  • No documentation fees 
  • No hidden fees of any kind

Call us or contact us online today if you’d like to learn more about T@B Teardrop Trailers.

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