The Element – Blending American Design With European Style

Thinking about trying something a little different with your next travel trailer? Think about the new Element from Evergreen! The Element is a fusion of classic American automotive design with the latest in European aerodynamics, designed to be environmentally friendly and stylish while remaining tough and durable. If you want to take a look at the new Evergreen Element, stop by Beckley’s Camping Center today!

What makes the Element so different?

The Element is more than just a new model of RV – it’s a complete retooling of everything you thought you knew about recreational vehicles. Everything about the Element has been built from the ground up, with such advanced features as:

  • The AFT (Advanced Fulcrum Tracking) axle system provides balanced stability and true tracking on the road.
  • Automotive, High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) steel resulting in a durable but lightweight frame yields the highest strength-to-weight ratio in the industry.
  • The same HSLA frame uses almost no welding to keep its components together, meaning there is almost no opportunity for cracking and separation. Instead, the components of the Element’s frame held together with an intricate system of bolts and interlocking, grooved panels to provide even more strength to the lightweight chassis.
  • The frame components are protected from rust and corrosion with an automotive quality electro-coating.

What are the advantages of an Element travel trailer?

Thanks to highly advanced construction with the latest in sustainable materials, the Element blows all other travel trailers out of the water! Some of its many advantages include:

  • Resistance to wood rot, mold and mildew. The Element has no wood parts, anywhere, meaning it isn’t susceptible to the problems that wood often faces. Instead, the whole thing is made of sustainable ComposiTek construction, making the Element eco-friendly (and totally recyclable!).
  • The European style windows are made of tinted acrylic, making them energy efficient and allow for enhanced privacy.
  • The interior components of the Element are easy to keep clean, functional and ready for the most active families.

What about the interior of the Element?

So now you know a little bit about what sets the Evergreen Element apart from other RVs. But the most important thing is – is it comfortable? That depends – do you like:

  • Euro-style convertible lounge seating
  • Padded, no-crack vinyl flooring
  • DVD/AM/FM/IPOD/USB Entertainment System With IPOD Dock
  • A true 60” x 80” walk around Queen bed
  • A deep bed shelf at the head and space for a 20” LCD TV at the foot
  • Bedroom privacy curtain
  • Bath wall with mirror

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you have got to check out this rig!

Available in four spacious floor plans and for elemental themed color schemes (Air White, Water Blue, Earth Brown and Fire Red), the Element has something for everyone! If you want more information about the Element travel trailer, or if you want to see it for yourself, stop by Beckley’s Camping Center today!

Call 301-898-7093 for prices and specs!

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