The Importance of Knowing Your RV


Whether you’re a seasoned RV traveler or interested in buying your first new or used RV, it’s important to understand the inner and outer workings of the vehicle. At Beckley’s – your Maryland RV dealer – experienced staff and service technicians are available to help answer all the questions you may have.

Weight and Height

These may seem like an obvious things to know and something you won’t have issues with on today’s super highways. But for those travelers who want to explore back country roads and out of the way places, both weight and height can be a factor.

While the width of the lanes on the interstate system and height of overpasses on major highways accommodate RV’s, you have to think about those times when you prefer to drive in areas less traveled. You’ll want to know if the above ground or underground tunnel you’re approaching is tall enough for your RV to enter and exit safely. If you’re hauling a toy trailer, standard trailer, boat or car, you need to know the weight so you know it is, or isn’t, safe to cross non-standard bridges like a wooden covered bridge or or an old tressle bridge.

Fire Hazards

Another area you want to be knowledgeable in is fire safety. There are several reasons a fire can start in or around an RV.

  • shorts in the electrical system
  • refrigerator fires
  • fuel lines and connections that may have a pin-hole leak
  • dry wheel barrings in trailers and 5th wheels
  • bad batteries
  • keep any type of flame or anything that produces sparks away from the battery
  • hot exhaust pipes can start a fire in dry grass
  • never leave your stove unattended and keep combustible items such as curtains and paper towels away from the stove area
  • keep charcoal dry as damp charcoal can spontaneously combust.

With safety being a priority on any trip, schedule an appointment at Beckley’s to ensure your RV is running at peak performance and there are no fire or hazard issues to interfere with your trip. Always check you RV before and after a trip so you’re always riding safely.

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