The Lifecycle of a Camper

One of the great things about working at a place like Beckley’s is that we get to watch people as they evolve their RV experience from one RV to another. Indeed, the process is almost as exciting for us as it is for them! Many first time campers start out the same way and by the time they have become veterans of the RV experience we watch as they share their experiences with others.

From Tent to RV Camper

Usually, a first timer will come in with fond memories of tent camping as a kid with their family. Wanting to experience the same thing with their own family, they come onto the lot looking for a something simple for a few weekend but nothing to complicated. Most start out with a pop-up camper that isn’t too much of a leap from their nostalgic tent camping day. They find comforts in the pop ups hard top roof, expanded sleeping quarters and running water. This is something that you can now comfortable take the family in without a real lifestyle change.

The Move to a Travel Trailer

After a season or two, the customers come back in excitedly saying that their family has completely taken to camping, and they’ve outgrown their pop-up! By now, they’re ready to upgrade to a travel trailer for even more space, comfort and amenities. They’ve got their bigger tow vehicle all ready to go, and they can’t wait to head out on their first extended road trip.


The travel trailer is a pretty huge upgrade from a pop-up camper. Now the campers have their own toilets and showers, along with full on kitchens complete with refrigerators, microwaves, stove, oven and grill. Combined with air conditioning, slide out rooms and entertainment systems, travel trailers are the perfect next step for any family just starting to grow their camping lifestyle.

Life in a 5th Wheel

The next time we see the family, they’re all experienced campers and are ready to take their adventuring to an even better level! At this point they’ll usually go for something a little bigger, like a 5th wheel or even a toy hauler with room for an ATV! With the added comfort of a 5th wheel they have even more privacy and space for the kids. The toy haulers allow for added storage room for your off-road vehicles while you are on the road.

Motorhomes: Rving at its Best

A few years later, we see the family come back in. By now, the kids have left the nest and the parents are retired veteran RV campers. With plenty of time and a thirst for travel and adventure, they’re ready to upgrade to a full on motor home – the highest level of RV comfort and relaxation. With no hitches or towing to worry about, they’re completely free to travel the country, relaxing and taking in the sights. Some choose a small Class C motorhome to make driving anywhere a breeze, while others steer towards an advanced luxury camper by choosing a Class A gas or diesel pusher motorhome. These come furnished with such amenities as washer and dryers, backup cameras, multiple wall slideouts and flat screen tvs! When you’re ready to travel in style Beckley’s can help you decide which RV is right for your adventures!


If this sounds like the life for you, stop by Beckley’s today! We can get you all set up no matter what stage of the camping lifecycle you’re in!

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