The Origins of Beckley’s Camping Center’s own KRAZY KELLY

What exactly makes Kelly so krazy? Krazy Kelly has always believed that you should take your job seriously, but never yourself. Whether it was selling seeds door-to-door at 10-years-old, or buying candy at the corner store and selling to his friends for a penny profit, Krazy Kelly has always hungered for the excitement of making a deal.

The more exciting life became, the crazier Krazy Kelly got. By saving all those pennies he was able to purchase a 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle for $200 at the age of 14. Many nights he’d sit in that car and pretend he was driving down the highway. His family and friends called him nuts, since he wouldn’t be able to drive for two years. He wasn’t nuts, just a little krazy. Later, Krazy Kelly sold that car for $800, simply because someone wanted it more than him.

At 18 he was so tired of hearing “what couldn’t be done,” that he tried to start a car upside down. While working at a service station across the street from an RV dealership in Frederick, he raced to beat the overhead garage door down. He didn’t make it, and neither did the door. Kelly’s boss decided to show him the—literal and figurative—open door, which gave Krazy Kelly the opportunity for a career change.

As krazy as it seemed, Kelly crossed the street and got a position as parts clerk at the RV dealership. Krazy Kelly barely knew anything about camping. His only experience was back in 1972, when he camped with his family and five other kids out of the back of a pickup camper in the bed of a Chevy. “You’re such a krazy kid,” all his family and friends told him. “You’ll never make it in an RV parts store.” Today that Krazy Kelly owns the company, but you know it as Beckley’s Camping Center. The RV dealership has grown since then, but one thing hasn’t changed—Krazy Kelly is still plenty krazy.

So if you have never heard of Krazy Kelly before or you are just looking for a deal on your next RV, Beckley’s Camping Center is the place you will find this Krazy character. Come by Beckley’s today or give us a call and ask about Krazy Kelly’s lowest price on any of our top RV’s!

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