Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Motorhome

So, you’re thinking about joining the motorhome club? While there are many reasons to purchase a motorhome and hit the open road, check out the Beckley’s Camping Center Top 10 reasons to purchase an RV. If you want to see some of our motorhome’s in person, come on down to our Maryland RV dealership and we’ll show you in person why we love them!

1.) De-stress your Vacations

Travel can be a real hassle, right? Driving with a car full of luggage and your family can be cramped and tedious. Flying can be costly, aggravating, and somehow even more tedious than having to listen to your kids argue three feet behind you for hours at a time. But with a new motorhome from Beckley’s Camping Center, you’ll never want to take a vacation from your vacation again. Aside from the money you’ll save long term on plane tickets alone, you’ll get to see the country in comfort while giving your family enough room to relax.

2.) Save Money on Food

Owning a motorhome can significantly cut down on your food budget on vacation. Rather than stopping for fast food several times a day on long road trips, just pull off the highway and use the fully functional kitchen to eat cheaper and healthier while on the road. Instead of keeping your eyes locked on those green “Food at Next Exit” signs, stash your non-perishables in your motorhome ahead of time and be ready to whip up a meal at your convenience. Need help figuring out what to stock? Check out our RV meal planning guide.

3.) The Great Outdoors

This one almost goes without saying, right? But with a motorhome, get the best of both worlds on your next vacation. Enjoy the indoor comforts of a hotel room with the natural beauty of your favorite campsite.

4.) Bring Your Pets on Vacation

You’ll never have to worry about getting somebody to feed and walk your dog while you’re on the road again. With your new motorhome bring the pets along for the ride, and never have to be separated from them again. Be sure to take safety precautions for your pets though!

5.) Have a Fully Flexible Vacation

Never worry about booking hotel rooms or traveling to a constrained itinerary. Make your vacation whatever you want it to be. Want to head out for the weekend? All you need is an overnight bag and your family can be on the road in hours. Take control of your vacations. With an RV or motorhome, you’re in control. No more check-in or check-out times.

6.) An Affordable Investment

If you need to take out a loan to finance your RV, there are many ways to save money on your investment. Motorhomes qualify for “second home” status by having sleeping quarters, a kitchen and a bathroom. Many of our new motorhomes come equipped with these features. By claiming your RV as your second home, you can get a significant tax break, making your motorhome even more affordable. Even Krazy Kelly is blown away by those savings.

7.) More Camping Location Opportunities

With your motorhome, any camping ground is available to you now. No need to look for a hotel in the area, just pack up and cross that new camping spot off your Bucket List.

8.) Be Part of a Community

Owning a motorhome means your part of a larger community. At RV campgrounds, you’re bound to run in to people with similar interests. Owning a motorhome not only creates memories that last a lifetime, but they can also help you make new friends that you’ll keep for years to come.

9.) Bring Other Toys and Vehicles on Your Vacation

You’ll always get the most out of your vacation with a motorhome. Haul your boat or car, or stash your four-wheeler or bikes inside one of our Class A Toy Haulers. Motorhomes turn your camping vacation into an adventure that you’ll remember for years. Plus with the convenience of being able to tow your car, you can navigate into and out of cities easily if you need to restock your kitchen or grab a few supplies.

10.) Many Options to Fit Your Needs

No matter what you want out of your motorhome, there is a feature to accommodate it. If you want a motorhome with a cabin, or a floor plan with three slide outs for maximum space, there’s a model for you!

Give us a call today to see which RV is the best fit for you, or come down to our RV dealership in Thurmont, MD today to give one a spin.

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