Top 10 Reasons to Travel by RV Instead of Plane

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We’ve already talked about what makes staying in an RV much more convenient than staying in hotels – more comfort, more flexibility, etc – but what about the trip itself? When going on vacation, what advantages does travelling by RV have that travelling by plane doesn’t?

No cramped seats – really, we could probably stop here. When was the last time you were comfortable on an airplane? RV travel gives you plenty of space to stretch out on your journey, free from dirty, uncomfortable seats, popping ears and those overweight, smelly people who always seem to end up on your flight.

Travel on your schedule – 9am flight? Seems reasonable…until you factor in driving to the airport, getting through security and getting to the gate on time. Suddenly, you’re looking at waking up at 3am to get sit in an airport and on a plane all day – not a good way to start your vacation! Travelling by RV, on the other hand, means you can wake up and leave on your own terms. After all, it’s your RV – it can’t leave without you!

No dealing with crummy airline service – get thirsty on your flight? Here’s a small cup of ice with a bit of soda. That’ll be $2 please. Travelling in an RV lets you bring your own food and your own drinks, and you can have as much as you want!

RVs can take you anywhere – travelling to Yosemite? Unless you can somehow commandeer the airplane (which we seriously, SERIOUSLY advise against!) you’re going to have to land at the airport and find either a rental car or a bus service to take you there and pick you up to go back. With an RV, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want.  

No security checkpoints – ‘nuff said. Travelling in an RV lets you avoid long lines, x-ray machines and having to take your shoes off in the middle of a crowded airport. Best of all, you can travel with more than 3oz of liquids at a time – what a concept!

No bad plane smell – let’s admit it – planes smell bad. It just happens any time you try to pack 75 people into a small space. And if you’re stuck next to an air sick passenger…forget about it!

You can sleep on long trips – how well did you sleep on your last airplane trip? Not very well, right? RVs give you the benefit of having a convenient and, more importantly, comfortable place to rest if the trip starts to get too long.

RVs let you experience the open road – you’ve probably heard the old adage “the journey is the destination.” Unfortunately, the journey isn’t much of a destination is you’re crammed in a tiny, glorified bus for 5 hours! RVs let you see a side of the country you may have never seen – along the open road, where you and your family are guaranteed to find things you might never have seen before.

No hotel expenses – plane tickets are expensive enough, and that doesn’t include lodging or transportation when you arrive at your destination. When you travel in an RV, all of that is already taken care of!

RVs let you do whatever you want to do – want to host a spontaneous tailgate party? Want to pull over at a neat looking roadside campground? Go for it! RVs give you the freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. You’re not held to any schedule but your own, and your options for where you want to go are entirely up to you. No ties to anyone but yourself – that’s the true beauty of RV life.

If you’ve been thinking about hitting the road in a travel trailer, motor home or camper and have questions or want recommendations, come visit Beckley’s Camping Center. Our friendly and knowledgeable can walk you through the whole RV process, from choosing and buying a new RV to getting out there and seeing the country from the road.

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