Transforming Your Toy Hauler Garage Into Whatever You Want


The simplicity of the Toy Hauler Garage really offers a lot of room for customization. In a typical trailer or RV, you have sinks and ovens and beds to remove and replace, but in a toy hauler, you typically have four walls and a floor, and little else getting in the way of your decorating ambitions. Here are a few ideas to customize your garage:

Fold-Out Furniture

If you’re heading out for a Maryland camping trip, you can skip the tent by simply packing a fold-out bed in your toy hauler. You can throw a tarp over your ATV or bike to protect it from the elements if the weather’s not so great, and sleep in a comfy, twin or queen size bed between rides.

The Screening Room

A toy hauler can be more than a way to haul your ride around, you can also use it as a home entertainment center on wheels. You can sound proof the walls with egg cartons and install surround speakers and a flat screen TV. Throw a couple bean bag chairs or theater seats (you can find these out behind most movie theaters when they throw their old seats out) and you have a movie theater on wheels when you’re not out on a four-wheeler trip. If you’re not experienced with electrical wiring, then you may want to hire a professional, as this can pose a real fire hazard.

The Home Away From Home Office

Just as there are fold-out beds for your toy hauler, you can find fold out desks, as well. Combine that with a comfortable office chair, your laptop, and a portable coffee maker, and you have an office that you can take with you anywhere you want to go. Ever wanted to get some work done on the edge of the Grand Canyon? Well here’s your chance.

Small Business Ideas

You’ll want to talk to your Maryland RV dealer about getting a roomier toy hauler for this, but whether you’ve always wanted to own a food-truck business or just run an auto-shop on wheels, nearly any business idea you might have, you can run it out the back of a toy hauler. What sort of business have you always dreamed of, but never seriously considered because you didn’t have a commercial space to run it in? Well, now you do.

Toy haulers are perfectly fine when used as garages, but they’re essentially just four walls on four (or six, or eight, or however many) wheels, so with a little work, they can be anything you want them to be.

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