Travel Trailer Camping Tips

Camping in a travel trailer means fun and entertainment for family and friends. But it’s important that you follow some important camping tips to ensure the experience is enjoyable, memorable, and safe. Don’t worry—Beckley’s has you covered!

Selecting a Campsite

If you’re taking a camping trip with a travel trailer that doesn’t have a restroom or shower, make sure these amenities are available at the campsite you’re thinking about visiting. Remember to check to make sure the campsite has electric and water hookups. Campgrounds for travel trailers that offer free Wi-Fi are a plus. When selecting your campsite, check to see if it has pull through spots so you don’t have to hassle with backing your travel trailer into the spot. 

Do you plan on traveling with children? Find out if the campsite has a swimming pool, arcade or play area—you and your kids will enjoy the experience all the more!

Inspect Your Travel Trailer

When was the last time you used your trailer? If it has been a while, check for leaks before you go camping. You should turn on the water hose, soak the roof and windows, and repair any leaks before leaving on your camping trip. Check the air conditioning and heating filters in the travel trailer to make sure they are running efficiently. Dehumidifiers will keep moisture to a minimum in camping travel trailers and reduce musty smells. Don’t forget to check your LP gas levels to see if you are due for a refill. Make sure that your tires are still in good shape to make the trip. If you need professional RV service and maintenance—stop by Beckley’s RV service center in MD.

Prepare Your Travel Plan

Prepare your travel plan in a way that allows you and your family or friends to experience fun stops throughout the journey. Think about how you want to get there. You may want to take a more scenic route, or choose the least congested highways. After your travel route has been set, let your friends or relatives know where you will travel and what route you plan on taking. This is just in case of possible emergency situations that may arise during the journey—it’s important that family or friends have a general idea of your location.  Also, be sure to bring along maps and any necessary GPS devices you’ll need for the trip. 

Secure the Load

It’s very important that you secure all the items you plan on taking in cabinets, drawers, or other safe compartments. Scoot guard or Slip-Stop Rolls are a great addition to your cabinets which will help plates and other items from sliding around during your travel. Heavier camping items should be stored evenly throughout the length of the travel trailer for even weight distribution. 

Safety Tips

Safety comes first—especially when it comes to travel trailer camping trips. You should check the weather before setting out on a camping trip with a travel trailer. If you’re traveling to a cold location, pack extra blankets and several gallons of water in case your trailer breaks down. Pack a battery-powered radio and keep track of changing weather conditions. Extra batteries are a great idea for flashlights too. Generators made for camping trailers can power appliances and help you prepare food in emergency situations.

If it rains during the trip, flooding can happen quickly—so make sure you camp on high ground or have some leveler blocks to elevate your travel trailer. Also, never attempt to drive through standing water in rainy conditions. It doesn’t take much water to carry a vehicle off the road.

To learn more important camping tips, contact Beckley’s Camping Center. We’re proud to be recognized as Maryland’s top RV deal for 13 consecutive years now!

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