Want to “Fly South” for the Winter? Check Out Our RV Tips for First Time Snowbirds!

One of the fringe benefits from the pandemic is that it opened the doors for more businesses than ever to allow their employees the option of working from home! If you’ve enjoyed this option in the last couple years, and also love to travel, why not make this winter the year you decide to become a snowbird? We can help – read our RV tips for first time snowbirds below!

RV Tips

What is a Snowbird?

The term snowbird refers to people who like to migrate to southern, warmer climates for the winter. It used to be generally understood to mean retired folks or anyone who could afford a vacation home, but no longer. With the ability to work remotely from home in this day and age, snowbirding is practically available to anyone. And with the ability to take your home on wheels, you’re running out of excuses as to why not!

RV Tips

Make it Affordable

First, snowbirding doesn’t have to break the bank. Don’t start looking at homes for sale in warmer climates. Travel in a new or used RV instead! This allows you to travel wherever you like, instead of the permanence that a second mortgage means. A few ways you can be a snowbird affordably include the following:

  • Check out our RV financing options here! Our RV financing helps your RV shopping be quick, easy, and hassle-free…and more affordable than ever!
  • Take a look at our RV rentals here. If you’re not ready to take the full plunge of RV-buying faith, why not rent an RV and see if the snowbird life is right for you?
RV Tips

  • Rent out your regular home for the time you’ll be away. Take a look at rentals-by-owner websites and local zoning to make sure your home qualifies for temporarily renting. It’s a great way to keep your home safe and secure in your absence, as well as help pay for your RV purchase!

Plan Your Travels

Many people who life the snowbird life utilize a vacation home, destination trailer RV, or even long-term stays at hotels. This is because they like returning to the same warm spot year after year! My family vacationed in the Gulf of Mexico every February when I was a child, and I remember routinely seeing some of the same people year after year. Even as a kid, it was fun to feel like our vacation was full of “old friends” – even though we only saw them once a year!

You might like something similar, or you might prefer more variety. That’s where traveling with a new or used RV can tick all the boxes, because you still have the freedom and flexibility to see new places, experience regional diversity, and take the road less traveled!

RV Tips

Brighter days are ahead – we’d love to help you get on the road to warmer weather! Contact us today or stop in to see our new and used RVs for sale. We can help you pick out the perfect unit for your balmy winter getaway!

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