We Want to Buy Your RV

Here at Beckley’s our goal is to make life easier for our customers, and that includes when you are looking to sell your RV. We help make selling your RV easier by offering RV consignment. This is the best way to get the most for your RV, without having to do the work of selling.

Winnebago Outlook 25J

Consign Your RV Now

RV consignment works for both parties because we’re looking for used RVs to add to our inventory and customers are looking to sell. Here is how RV consignment works.

First, you fill out this form.

When you fill out the form we have all information needed to actually evaluate the worth of your RV and make a fair offer. Once we make an offer, we take possession of the RV and pay you. That’s it!

we buy used

Now, compare that to selling on your own. When you decide to sell your RV you have to first decide what the RV is worth. That in itself can be hours of research. Then you have to price it. After that, you’ve got to go through and detail the inside and outside of the RV. But wait, there’s more. After all of that you then have to take pictures. And today’s buyer wants a lot of high quality pictures.

So, you’ve got your RV priced, detailed, and pictures taken. The final step is to actually list it for sale. And then you have to negotiate and talk with buyers, never really knowing if they’re serious.

Or, you could consign your RV. We take care of everything and you just walk away knowing you got a fair price for your RV and can purchase something else when you are ready. We want to buy your RV because it takes the work away from you and ensures you’re equipped to just enjoy life and move on.

If you’re interested in shopping for a new RV or trading in your RVcontact us. We’ll happily answer your questions, walk you through units, and ensure you have the information needed to make the best choice for your needs. We can also assist with RV Financing, so affording your dream RV is easier than ever.

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