What Are the Different Classes of RV?

Shopping for your first RV can be overwhelming – do you want a Class A or a Class C motor home? How about a travel trailer? A pop-up, perhaps? Or perhaps a more fitting question – what’s the difference?


Motorized RV’s by Class

Class A Motor Homes

Length: up to 45’
Sleeps: 6 – 8
Price Range: $$ – $$$$$

Class A motor homes are the largest class of motor home. Built on truck chassis and constructed with a long, bus-like frame, they have a large weight capacity that allows for all kinds of luxuries and options. It is common to find multiple slide outs in backup cameras and flat screen TVs in Class A motor homes. However, you can even upgrade to washers and dryers, hot tubs and tile floors, which can really make them seem like small homes. Class A motor homes also have large towing capacity, able to tow personal vehicles, boats, jet skis, golf carts and more. If you decide to go for a Class A motor home, your options are literally endless! The largest and most luxurious of this type of Class A motor home is what is known as a Diesel Pusher, which utilizes larger diesel engines. Diesel Pushers normally offer the highest quality interior furnishings and amenities while increasing the total living area space with longer frames and more slide outs.  



Class C Motor Homes

Length: up to 32’
Sleeps: 8 – 10
Price Range: $$ – $$$

Similar to, but generally much smaller than Class A motor homes, Class C motor homes are usually built on a van chassis but sacrifice none of the luxury of their larger cousins. Unlike the larger Class A’s these RV’s have a separate living compartment above the cab section to utilize the smaller space. And while they usually have fewer slide out rooms than Class A’s, Class C motor homes can sleep as many or more people and still have room for fully stocked kitchens, dining areas and bathrooms. Class C motor homes can also tow smaller vehicles for day trips or other fun excursions. Class C motor homes can come in both Gas and Diesel engines.


Towable RV’s by Type

Fifth Wheels

Length: up to 38’
Sleeps: 8 – 10
Price Range: $$ – $$$

Fifth wheel campers get their name from the way they attach to your truck – by the fifth wheel hitch! Because fifth wheels are attached to a hitch in the bed of your truck rather than a standard hitch like a travel trailer, they are easier to maneuver than your standard Travel Trailer. Usually equipped with at least one slide out these RV’s are very spacious and full of amenities. Fifth wheels provide comparable features for often a lower price than Class A or Class C motor homes without compromising space or comfort.


Travel Trailers

Length: up to 33 – 35’
Sleeps: up to 8 – 10
Price Range:  $ – $$

The most common types of RV, travel trailers can be anywhere from 12 – 35ft in length and some models, including the Keystone RV Cougar X-Lite, can sleep as many as 10 people! Travel trailers come with a variety of conveniences not found on larger motor homes. For one thing, many can be towed by a sport utility vehicle or a pickup truck. This not only makes getting to your campground a breeze, but it also makes detaching and driving somewhere else much easier. Travel trailers also house all of the amenities of full sized motor homes, including showers and bathrooms, kitchen and dining areas and entertainment centers. Better yet, lightweight models of travel trailer have recently been introduced meaning you don’t have to own a massive super duty pickup truck to pull your RV!


Folding camper trailers (pop ups)

Length: up to 24’
Sleeps: up to 6 – 8
Price Range: $

Commonly known as pop-ups, folding campers are a popular choice among many first time RV buyers – roll into a campground with one of these and you’re bound to have a crowd of neighbors fondly recalling their early RVing days. The biggest benefits of pop ups are size and price. If you’re new to RVing or have a tight budget, this is a good place to start. The compact size (when collapsed) also makes this type of RV perfect for small families who don’t have a lot of storage space. Towable by trucks, vans SUV’s and even some cars, folding campers can range from 15 – 23ft when fully opened and usually sleep 6 people comfortably, all while including many of the features of larger campers (kitchens, dinette tables, etc). Some folding campers even have showers and toilets!


Sport Utility RV’s

Toy Haulers

Toy Haulers can be a motor home, Fifth Wheel or Travel Trailer with a twist: the back of the rig converts into a storage area to haul an ATV, motorcycle, snow mobile or jet ski…basically anything you want for your RVing adventure! A hinged ramp folds down from the back of your Toy Hauler to allow you to drive your ATV inside the RV while you travel. Toy haulers are great if your camping trips involve activities like these, a toy hauler is definitely a necessity.

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