What’s the Difference Between a Pop Up and an Ultralite?

As fuel costs rise and concerns about the economy loom, many camping enthusiasts are looking for more creative ways to enjoy their hobby while living within their means. For most, this means downsizing their travel trailers and large, gas guzzling motorhomes to more efficient RVs, including pop-ups and ultralites. These smaller campers give you all the benefits of big rig camping, but in a smaller, less expensive and more fuel efficient package. So the real question is, what’s the difference between a pop-up and an ultralite, and which one is right for you?

Pop-up Campers

Often referred to as folding campers, pop-up campers are generally smaller than ultralite travel trailers. They come in what looks like a flat box and are light enough that they can be towed behind almost any type of vehicle. When you get to the campsite, just crank them up and you’re good to go! Pop-ups are perfect for first time campers and anyone on a budget. They offer a number of benefits you might not expect from something so small, including:

Comfortable sleeping space – despite their seemingly small size, many pop-ups can comfortably sleep as many as six people.

Optional add-ons – full kitchens, dinettes, bathrooms with showers, etc. are not uncommon in pop-ups. All the amenities of the big guys in a small, affordable package!

Portability – since they are so small, pop-up campers can be towed by almost any type of vehicle, including trucks and small cars. This means you won’t have to buy a new car in order to enjoy your new RV!

Affordability – the smallest type of RV also typically comes with the smallest price tag, with even higher end models falling well within the price range for most families.

Ultralite Campers

A bit of a step up from pop-up campers, ultralites fit pretty squarely into the travel trailer department, despite being somewhat smaller than traditional travel trailers – they’re not called “ultra light” for no reason! With the increase in size (compared to pop-ups) you get a boost in possibilities, including:

Great features – pound for pound, ultralite travel trailers have more special features than any lightweight camper on the market. Flat screen TVs, electric awnings, outdoor cook tops and more all come standard on many models of ultralite camper.

Towing convenience – weighing in at 6,000 lbs and below, ultralite travel trailers are easily towable by most half-ton trucks and SUVs. When combined with excellent fuel economy and aerodynamic design, there’s no need to worry about towing your camper.

Superior storage – lightweight doesn’t have to mean skimpy! Most ultralite travel trailers have considerable storage space for all your gear, with overhead and undercounter cabinets, sizable pantries, etc.

Low cost – if all the benefits of ultralite campers make them sound expensive, remember – you’re shopping at Beckley’s! We have financing options available to make sure you get the best possible deal – no matter what type of RV you’re getting!

The Bottom Line

So which type of RV is better? We know, we know, we hate this answer too, but the bottom line is it’s up to you! Pop-up campers and ultralite travel trailers are fantastic choices for any camper, whether you’re a fresh newbie or an experienced veteran. In fact, the only way to really tell which one is right for you is to stop by our showroom and see them for yourself!

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