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Employee of the Month

Employee of the Year!

EOY 2023 - Stephanie Cook

2023 Employees of the Year - Stephanie Cook

When a new project, task, event, or position becomes available who’s name comes up 1st ? Stephanie! Stephanie is a faithful team player - some of her job titles are cat herder, event coordinator, backup receptionist, internet lead coordinator, photographer, and anything else we can throw at her. Her efficiency, flexibility, reliability and willingness to take on any and all responsibilities with the company’s best interest at heart has earned her this year’s title Employee of the Year. Congrats!

Employee Awesomeness of the Month!

2024_Mar_Wally Hough

March 2024 - Wally Hough

A leader in our PDI department - his efficiency completing jobs, assisting his peers in time of need, and training our sales team on the "ins and outs." Wally simply gets the job done, whatever is asked of him. A big asset to the company and customers, thanks for all you do!

2024_Jan_Rich Conner

February 2024 - Rich Connor

Ever wonder how things can go smoothly in big business?! It’s all the work behinds the scenes. This is Rich’s expertise - from pulling Coleman parts for the team to ship out, from putting away overflow stock to keeping it organized. The work Rich does behind the scenes is a terrific value to our dealership. So, when you drive by Beckley’s at night and see the lights on, you can bet it is Rich organizing and putting inventory away!! Thank you for all you do 👍

2023_Dec_Winterizing Crew

December 2023 - Winterizing Crew

Colorful and fun, we had to create this cartoon rendition of them all. Super hard working💪, they took care of all our customers coming through our winterizing lane during November. Enduring ❄cold, cold water, cold metal, and more cold, these 5 really did an amazing job and getting the job done. 👍 We appreciate you all, thank-you!

2023_Nov_Brady Daugherty

November 2023 - Brady Daugherty

Finding homes for almost 30 RVs in one month may not sound like many, however, with our New Oxford, PA location being smaller scale, one guy was responsible for making sure all RVs were checked and ready for their new homes. We want to take a moment to recognize and put our “Employee Spotlight” on Brady. Let’s congratulate him on a hard, busy job well done!

2023_Oct_Jacob Walter

October 2023 - Jacob Walter

"I can do that." "I'll fix it." "Let me go help the customer." These are just a few of the many positive, go-getter phrases that Jacob blurts out all the time. We appreciate his dedication and hard work to help lessen the load of jobs thrown at our service department each day.

2023_Sept_Pam Pryor

September 2023 - Pam Pryor

One of our dedicated service team members who is usually behind the camera instead of in front of it. Pam's dedication for helping both sales and service collect pictures and details of problems enable not only our staff here at Beckley's get their jobs done with ease, but helps us get our customer's repairs done with confidence. 🙌

2023_Aug_Andy Kelley

August 2023 - Andy Kelley

Andy is a true asset to our team! With an unbeatable attitude, he tackles challenges head-on and keeps a smile going. His knack for organization, quick learning, and dedication to excellence make him a role model. Regardless of the task, Andy brings his A-game every time! We're lucky to have him as part of our family.

2023_July_Katie Kaczor

July 2023 - Katie Kaczor

Katie has been a part of the Beckley’s family for almost 4 years. She started here as our receptionist, then transitioned into her current role in our front office. She is kind, positive and approaches things with a sense of humor. With her sharp attention to detail, she ensures that all of the nitty gritty aspects of our sales deals are pulled together so that everything goes smoothly when the customer arrives to complete their paperwork and take home their new camper. 💚

2023_June_Alisa Disney

June 2023 - Alisa Disney

Service with a smile, are we right!?! Lisa. Elisa. Nah, it's Alisa! A bright light and delight at our service location. She has been part of the Beckley's RVs family for 2 years now and we are so glad to have her on our team. Her smile in this picture says it all! Greeting customers with energy and facing service issues with enthusiasm. Hopefully, you never have a problem with your RV, but if you do need to visit our service department, say hi to Alisa

2023_May_Layla Watkins

May 2023 - Layla Watkins

Layla started as our receptionist and quickly has climbed into the HR role of supporting all our employees. Not only an advocate for the employees, but an advocate for helping take care of the business. And if the employees thrive in a thriving business, customers are well taken care of. So, it all starts with her, and that's a pretty big burden while maintaining a smile. Thank-you!

2023_April_Kelly Shanholtzer

April 2023 - Kelly Shanholtzer

Once upon a time, there was a man named "Krazy Kelly"... He has some krazy stories to tell you about Beckley's RVs because he is old, and has been here for 41 years. Kidding, you are young at heart bossman! And that's what makes us love him for a boss. His dedication to customers and employees enables this family owned business to stand out in the RV industry where fun can be found around any corner on location. We appreciate all he provides and does. After all, they say happy employees makes for happy customers!

2023_March_Nick Figgatt

March 2023 - Nick Figgatt

Always behind the "scenes," everyone say 👋 to Nick. You may not see him around in person, that's because he is always behind a camera taking those killer photos for our social media channels and creating videos for YouTube. Show him some love, check out his work and follow our YouTube channel.

2023_February_Nick Kinna

February 2023 - Nick Kinna

Look at that smile! This fun-loving guy's energetic hand gestures can tell stories on their own - as long as you stay clear so you don't accidentally get bopped in the head! He is always looking out to make sure he is doing the right thing. Coming from a long career in the restaurant industry, his superior customer service is one of his greatest strengths.

2023_January_Bobby and Stanley

January 2023 - Bobby Stanley and John Lewis

Starts from the top...Good skills. Better personalities. Best leaders! If you don't have the right people to lead your team, all else fails. Service is NOT a fun, easy job - we only need service when something is broken. And if something is broken, that doesn't make any of else happy. So, these guys make sure everyone under them have the skills to handle the tasks, the personalities to deliver answers in positive way, and lead for complete customer satisfaction. 💚 #BeckleyDifference 💚

EOY 2022 - Dan and Zach

2022 Employees of the Year - Dan Dunleavy and Zach Smith

You may never see them, but you will see their work as you pull up on our sales lots - all the RVs parked nicely organized so it's easy for our customers to see what they came to see. Hustle and dedication are just a few great qualities for these gentleman. Congrats!

2022_December_winterizing crew

December 2022 - Jacob, Michelle, Heather, and Alex

This year the cold temps seemed to come quickly, so the rush was on! They kept organized, kept up the hustle, and, kept it all up with a smile. A wonderful service that helps our camping family year after year. This level of service is the #BeckleyDifference! Kudos to Jacob, Michelle, Heather, and Alex.


November 2022 - Matt Sorrells

Jack of all trades. Renaissance man. The catch all guy. Matt has been with us long enough to rebuild the entire place. haha As you might have gathered, he is our company fixer. 4 locations across 2 states with countless buildings, this guy literally does it all! We appreciate all you do to keep us moving along.

2022_October_Joe and Allen

October 2022 - Joe and Allen

Joe and Allen joined our service team recently and as busy as it is, they got thrown in the mix immediately! Both have been phenomenal and great assets to our team. 💪

#TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork #EmployeeApreciation #BeckleysRVs #RelaxExploreLIVE


September 2022 - Shawn Godard

Super Fantastic!  Shawn is a Beckley's veteran, having been here for 20 years!  With all that experience, he wows his customers with his extensive knowledge, and keeps all of us - customers and coworkers alike - entertained with his jokes, whacky ideas, and awesome artwork.  We appreciate all that you do, Shinyhead Shawn!


August 2022 - Marcus Kersey

Marcus has been with Beckleys for 4 years. He brings dedication, enthusiasm, and is always team-minded and selfless. We appreciate your loyalty to serving our customers, thank-you!

2022_July_Rich Conner

July 2022 - Rich Conner

Celebrating our hard, versatile worker bee in our Parts Department, Rich has been with us for 2 years now.  Restocking, online orders, builiding kits for our Coleman customers, inventory, and assisting customers, this guy helps anyway he can - he does it all!

2022_June_Heather Wolfe

June 2022 - Heather Wolfe

This goofy girl is getting the laughs and work done.  She has been a great asset to our PDI Department.  When someone is out of the office, she not only does her job, she steps in to fill that position.  What a wonderful team player!

2022_May_Justin Todd

May 2022 - Justin Todd

Justin has been at Beckley's RVs for almost 4 years working in our Finance department - came to us via the automotive industry. Dedication, always coming to work ready to attack the busy day, and a positive attitude is why we like him around!


April 2022 - Bobby and Tony

"Outstanding customer service," "very responsive," "he was professional and prompt" are just a few of the AWESOME comments by a recent customer for these two service guys. Nice work Bobby and Tony!

2022_Mar_Dwayne Vaughn

March 2022 - Dwayne Vaughn

Dwayne works in our PDI department hooking up customer's tow vehicles. Not sitting idle, you will just about always find a tool in his hand, working extra hours, prepping for the next day, and all the good things necessary to get our customers out the door sooner than later to start enjoying their RV!

2022_Feb_Ryan Lucas

February 2022 - Ryan Lucas

Not new to Beckley's, he has been here for almost 4 years now working in our Detail department. This was his fist job and we are glad he came our way. When a Manager can say an employee is dependable, that is saying something! 🎉 Congrats 🎉

2022_Jan_Andy Kelley

January 2022 - Andy Kelley

Andy came to us from outside the field of the RV industry. He has a long time experience with construction and relating areas to be able to show of his service talents. His enthusiasm in learning and tackling hard situations, staying until the job is done, work is complete and tidy, are a few reasons he is a great addition to our Frederick team! If you see him, please give him a congrats!

EOY 2021 - Gary Moser

2021 Employee of the Year - Gary Moser

One of the hardest working employees, consistently on the job early and stays late, dedicated to his fellow working family and the company, commitment to our camping customers, striving for the best of all around him, this is why he is and easy pick for our Employee of the Year.  Congrats Gary!

2021_Dec_Brianna Holt

December 2021 - Brianna Holt

Brianna continues to receive glowing unsolicited reviews through emails and phone calls. Her personal approach with our customers where you can just see them feel very comfortable as they interact together. Her job performance is exemplary! She quickly masters and continues to learn giving her the edge for professionalism and dedication to the best in customer service. Congrats!

2021_Nov_Jacob Walter

November 2021 - Jacob Walter

Mr. Scarborough had a recent service appointment - he just purchased his Montana in September. He came back to get help to reset the jack system and a hitch adjust. In conversation with our PDI Manager Michelle during his appointment, Mr. Scarborough stated to her that he has been with another dealer for the last eight years that is much more local for him - he lives almost 2 hours away from Beckley's RVs and camps even further. The items that needed addressed could have been done by any dealer. However, he said he came back to us for one reason, Jacob Walter! Well done Jacob!

2021_Oct_Jessica Hough

October 2021 - Jessica Hough

Jessica continues to go over and beyond supporting our efforts for various events recently - working multiple days, long hours, and never a complaint. Always with a smile, coming in early, leaving late to make sure her duties are completed and her customers happy. Now in our rental department, she continues these awesome traits to shine and succeed. Cheers to her!

2021_Sept_Dan Dunleavy

September 2021 - Dan Dunleavy

Dan’s position says Porter, however, he does so much more. He is also our only detail associate, transport driver, and back up sales associate as he welcomes and listens to our customers when they arrive to the lot and all sales associates are with other clients. Our customers love him! New Oxford set a new record in August 2021 delivering 29 units - Dan detailed all himself while still managing to keep the lot straight, picked up product from our Thurmont location, and making a few deliveries.

2021_Aug_Kathy and Alisa

August 2021 - Kathy Droneburg and Alisa Disney

These ladies are both new to us and are both extremely hard workers with the best attitudes. They are up for any job and always willing to do anything you ask of them. They are an amazing asset to our service team. They both bring some much needed fresh air!


April 2021 - Brandon Strain

One of the hardest working Porters we've had. Comes in early, stays late, works in the rain, etc. He is such a team player, we are glad to see him rise in our organization. Congrats!


March 2021 - Taylor Anders

Behind the scenes as one of our Interior Detail members, but her drive to do her best, her care for our customers, and commitment to be at work every day does not go unnoticed. Thank-you!


February 2021 - Casey

Many of the pillars we look for in an Employee deserving of this award each month, Casey not only possesses them, but has done so while wearing several different hats lately. We appreciate the hard work and dedication to help the team through a tough month. Congrats!

Liz_Jan 2020

January 2021 - Liz Dillard

She soaks up information to learn like a sponge in water. She works hard to help any customer that walks in our door. Recently, she has taken on a new role and hear she's owning it like a boss! Congrats

EOY 2020 - John Lewis

2020 Employee of the Year - John Lewis

He gives it his all everyday fro the dealership and the customers. he always wants the job done right and doesn't settle for anything less - from 1994, he has given us his all. Employee of the year, Mentor of the decade. Thanks John!

Zack and Mike_Dec 2020

December 2020 - Zack and Mike

Have you seen our lot lately after the new pavement job? Doesn't it look great!!! No, these guys didn't pave it, but they moved the RVs. Moved them once. Moved them around again. And, moved them one last time in line and pretty. We appreciate your efforts!

Layla Watkins_Nov 2020

November 2020 - Layla Watkins

As if 2020 wasn't alreayd challenging for most of us. Now add all the COVID initatives, add in a new health plan, she has not skipped a beat! Thank-you

Gage Carbaugh

October 2020 - Gage Carbaugh

This guy...what a work horse! In the year with us, he has only missed one day - comes to work to work. We appreciate your efforts!

September 2020 - EVERYONE!


August 2020 - Donna Shores

Donna always has a smile, always draws the fun out to make it an exciting day, and always putting the best foot forward.

July 2020 - Dan Dunlevy

Dan is our New Oxford, PA location's Porter. He is always hustling, always offering assistance to anyone, and you get a side of enthusiasm with it all.

June 2020 - Shane Wagner

Shane is our PDI "go-to" guy - reliable, comes in after hours, and gets his work done well beyond expectations.

May 2020 - Marcus Kersey

Always smiling. Always at work - missed only 1 day in 3 years!!! Always doing his best. Thanks for your fun spirit and hard work you put in each day.

April 2020 - Interior Detail Crew

These ladies, with all the new COVID-19 procedures we have in place, they have been hustling to allow our family, and yours, conduct business in a safe environment. Thank-you!

March 2020 - Matt Sorrells

Matt has been with Beckley's since April 2019 and handles all of the general maintenance around the dealership, keeping everything in working order. Great work, Matt!

February 2020 - EVERYONE!


January 2020 - Katie

Katie is our receptionist. She has only been with us for a few months but has already proven herself to be a valuable asset to the company. Great work, Katie!

2019 Employee of the Year - Bobby Stanley

Bobby has been with Beckley's since 2011. He started out in our detail department, then worked his way up to our PDI shop where he was a technician for a while. Eventually, he transitioned into our service department as a technician and is now in training with John Lewis to take John's place as shop foreman when John retires. He is driven, has a great work ethic, and is a real asset to the Beckley's team. Thanks for the great work, Bobby!

December 2019 - Cheyanne

Cheyanne works in our detail department and has been with Beckley's since April 2018. Great work, Cheyanne!

November 2019 - Rick

Rick is one of the friendly, knowledgeable associates in our parts department and has been with Beckley's since August 2016. Thanks for the hard work!

October 2019 - Alex & Jacob

Alex and Jacob are two of our PDI techs who have been working hard to winterize every RV on our lot. They have managed to winterize over 500 RVs within the last couple of weeks, coming in early, staying late, and doing it with smiles on their faces. Thanks for the hard work!

September 2019 - Casey

Casey works in our service center and has been with Beckley's since September 2018. Great work, Casey!

August 2019 - Pam

Pam works in the warranty section of our service center and has been with Beckley's since September 2018. Great work, Pam!


May 2019 - Misty

Misty is a Service Coordinator at our main service center and has been with Beckley's since 2015. Great work, Misty!

April 2019 - Ashley

Ashley is our Service Coordinator at our rentals location and has been with Beckley's since 2008. Great work, Ashley!

March 2019 - Jessica

Jessica is one of our friendly and helpful customer service associates in our parts and accessories store. She has been with Beckley's since 2018. Great work, Jessica!

February 2019 - Justin

Justin is our PDI Lot Porter and has been with Beckley's since July 2015. He just recently moved into this position and has been impressing his managers with his work ethic. Great work, Justin!

January 2019 - Bobby

Bobby is one of our RV Service Technicians and has been with Beckley's since June 2011. Great work, Bobby!