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ALiner Amp Travel Trailer RVs For Sale

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The new Amp A-frame and travel trailer by ALiner provide the perfect balance of sustainability with comfort to your camping adventures! There are solar panels integrated into the roof so you can keep your lights, amenities, charging outlets, and climate control charged and ready to go!


Each model is constructed with a robotically welded, E-coated frame and includes aluminum framed cabinetry plus furniture structure with SIMONA BOATBOARD panels for added durability and water resistance. These models are highly compatible so you could tow them with an average-size car and conveniently store them in your garage. What's more, they have a 30-second set up time so you'll be ready to camp in record time!


If you enjoy camping while still being environmentally conscious, the ALiner Amp A-frame and travel trailer may just be perfect for you!

Amp Features:

Standard Features (2024)



  • Sink (Flush Mount)
  • Hidden Swivel Cassette Toilet
  • Interior Hidden Shower (32" x 32") (Std. Model)
  • Outside Shower (Ascape)
  • Fresh Water; 11 Gallon (Ascape Amp), 35 Gallon (Std. Model)
  • Electrical Outlets; 2 (Ascape), 3 (Std. Model)
  • LED Interior Lights
  • Front Bed; 77" x 72" (Ascape), 60" x 80" (Std. Model)
  • Rear Bed 60" x 80" (Std. Model)


  • Water Pump
  • Dometic Refrigerator; 3.0 cu. ft. 3-Way w/Freezer
  • Microwave (Ascape Only)
  • Euro (Flush Mount) Stove; LP Two Burner (Ascape), Induction (Std. Model)
  • Furnace; 18,000 BTU (Ascape), 16,000 BTU (Std. Model)
  • Tankless On Demand Water Heater
  • Air Conditioning Heat Pump


  • Stabilizer Jacks (4)
  • Baggage Doors (3)
  • Front Utility Light 
  • LED Running Lights 
  • Exterior Outlet 
  • Outside LP Connection 
  • White Fiberglass


  • Front Dormer (Hard) (Std. Model Only)
  • Rear Dormer (Hard) (Std. Model Only)


  • Dual Tanks and Cover
  • High Wind Lift Assist (Std. Model Only)
  • Outside Grill (Optional; Std. Model Only)

Solar Battery System

  • EcoFlow Complete Plug and Play 48 Volt Power System
  • One 5k Wh LFP Lithium Battery
  • Solar Panels; 185-Watt Flexible (Ascape), 2 X EF 400-Watt Rigid (Std. Model)

Please see us for a complete list of features and available options!

All standard features and specifications are subject to change. 

All warranty info is typically reserved for new units and is subject to specific terms and conditions. See us for more details. 

Due to the current environment, our features and options are subject to change due to material availability. 


ALiner Logo
In the early 1970s, Ralph Tait had an idea. So he went into his garage in Bend, Oregon and began tinkering. Several weeks and a few blisters later, he emerged with a revolutionary design for the first A-frame pop-up camper.
It was sensible. It was different. And it was light enough to be towed with just about any vehicle. Friends wanted one. Family wanted one. Friends of family wanted one. As word of mouth spread, Ralph found himself making more campers out of his garage. That’s when Ralph’s sons had their own bright idea. Why not turn this hobby into a real business?
The family moved to Pennsylvania and began making Aliner campers. Two brothers would build one. The third brother would hitch it to the family station wagon and drive across the country until he sold it. When he returned, the brothers would have another Aliner waiting. After years of hard work and several hundred thousand miles on the poor station wagon, the family retired in 2007. Today we continue to build every Aliner with the same quality, craftsmanship and pride as Ralph and his sons did for over 30 years.