RVing Wellness: Good Food and Fitness

Post Covid 19, more and more people are exploring and adopting the RV way of living. The pandemic changed people’s thought processes – in a positive way (mostly). RV living seems more popular and affordable than ever before. If you are living out of an RV 24/7, or are on a long-term RV trip, you know and understand that there are a few fitness-related challenges associated with the RV life. But what’s life without a few challenges? 

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While on the road, you should neither gain unnecessary weight nor lose too much. Gaining or losing an unusual amount of weight is a possibility for first-timers or those who are fairly new to RVing. Fortunately, it is fairly simple to avoid both scenarios with proper exercise and nutrition.

Exercise All The Way

If you are on a long RV trip or if you live in your RV, the first thing you need to do is get rid of the ‘vacation’ mindset. Do away with the inconsistency and introduce a routine. Just because you don’t have regular access to the gym does not mean you should give up on your fitness goals. You’ve got something better than a gym – nature’s playground.

While carrying around small and lightweight equipment in your RV should not be a problem, for the best workouts on the go, you won’t need any equipment. Bodyweight exercises need no equipment; just your own weight provides resistance to gravity. These exercises make up a convenient form of strength training. Bodyweight exercises include some of the tried and tested (and trusted) exercises like planks, lunges, and burpees.

If you are boondocking at a scenic place, why not take advantage of the mesmerizing surroundings and have a rejuvenating exercise session right there? It is definitely better than working out in confined spaces. You can reap the benefits of exercising in the fresh air and sunshine.

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Yoga, especially outdoors, can help boost your mood along with your flexibility, mobility, and balance. Pilates is another low-impact form of exercise that you can do anywhere. It tones and strengthens muscles, and can help heal injuries. You can also take advantage of outdoor gyms in the parks that you come across on your way. If you do wish to carry some exercise equipment with you, resistance bands are a good option. Water-fillable dumbbells offer the advantage of easy portability.

If you don’t feel like exercising on a particular day, you can skip it and just take a walk outside instead. A walk through green spaces or along the beach will not only be good for your physical health, but it will also work wonders for your mental health. It’s amazing how much mental clarity one can gain just by walking through serene surroundings.

Pay Attention to Nutrition

Although following a proper diet can be challenging while traveling to new places with your RV, you should try your best. You will have an advantage that is difficult to attain otherwise; you can get the best of the seasonal food that grows in the areas in which you are traveling. Through the Seasonal Food Guide, you can get information about the foods in season in your current location.

Being on the road does not mean eating street food day after day. Surely your RV has a decent kitchen that you can put to use and cook your own meals in. Meals that you cook yourself (and know the ingredients that you have put in) are definitely healthier than pimped-up street food.

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Start with a plan and stock up on ingredients that you can use in multiple dishes. Procure, prep, and freeze ingredients as and when you can. Even on travel days, stop somewhere to have your meals. Avoid having meals while driving. Take some time and savor your meals with your loved ones in scenic locations. Isn’t this part of why you chose the RV lifestyle?

RV Friendly Recipe

Here’s a novel but simple recipe that you should definitely try:

Mug Omelette

It’s similar to a mug cake, only tastier, healthier, and with fewer chances of ruining your ingredients and your appetite. Do not discard this recipe without giving it a try. It might just become your next breakfast staple.


Butter (For greasing the mug)

2 large eggs

2 tablespoons milk or cottage cheese

1 slice of chicken bologna (cut into small pieces)

1 tbsp. finely chopped bell pepper

1 tbsp grated carrot

1-2 green chilies (chopped finely) (Optional)

Salt and pepper to taste

1-2 tbsp. cheese (Mozzarella or Cheddar)


Grease the inside of a microwave-safe mug with butter. Add in all the other ingredients except the cheese and whisk well with a fork. Put the mug in the microwave and heat for 2 minutes. Remove the mug, add the cheese, and place it back in the microwave for another 30 seconds. If the omelet hasn’t set to your liking, give it an additional 30 seconds. Let it cool just a little bit before serving.

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As far as possible, try to stick to a proper routine, including sleep times. It might be difficult to do so on travel days, but with some planning and practice, you’ll get there. Exercise moderately and pay a little more attention to your diet. Your health is worth the extra effort. Only when you are healthy, will you be able to get the most (and the best) out of your RV experience.

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